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Anyone feels like Firebrand's tomes are drawing slower than their activation time?

Everytime I play my heal-firebrand, I'm always struggling with these tomes because they don't draw instantly. 1/4s is faster than I should use another skill after hitting tome button. It's always the same scenario: I want to quickly pull e.g. tome of justice and then use 5th skill, but the tome just isn't drawing, even if I have quickness (!). I can literally hit but multiple times before my tome draws in combat. Generally I think Fb's tomes are too slow. Skills comes always too late. There's something wrong with it if I can interrupt my tome by dodging. I'm not that fast to hit alt+3 and then V in 1/4s while having quickness.

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  • Probably cause even though the cast time is really fast, it has an aftercast-delay? Or at least it feels like it.

  • Jes it feels slower compared to engineer kits

  • alain.1659alain.1659 Member ✭✭✭

    Yep there is certainly a problem with the tomes. I do not know if it is intended or not but it makes me crazy as i play engi and ele frequently. The delay is not that big but it is annoying. I thought it was only me that is bothered :)

  • Sleepwalker.1398Sleepwalker.1398 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Yes, was trying out FB today and thought i was doing something wrong.
    Tool tip says 1/4 but it feels more like 2 seconds just to activate.
    Sometimes if i tried to press it few times quickly, it would activate and then go on cooldown.

  • montecristo.1324montecristo.1324 Member ✭✭✭

    try to activate the tome and when you see the skills changes stow weapon or jump, it should remove the aftercast, I don't know if it will remove the tome tbh I still have to try this

  • Stealth nerf