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Earn gold by updating these wiki articles

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If you’d like to help out the wiki for a few extra gold, I’m hosting an ongoing improvement project.

Check out On Wiki of Gold, where articles are regularly selected for improvement. One article has information missing or could use general improvement, and the other article doesn’t exist at all! Make an edit that contributes to either of the two selected pages. Then enter your name on the On Wiki of Gold page, and I’ll send a couple of gold your way. (Since April 2017, all distributed gold has been kindly supplied by ArenaNet.)

Everyone is welcome to participate, whether you’ve previously made zero edits or 100,000 edits. Try to copy the style of other articles. This list of formatting guides is also helpful. If you’re just starting out and you mess up really badly, I have the pages on my watchlist and will be able to fix or undo mistakes using the page’s history, so don’t let fear hold you back.

The Guild Wars 2 wiki is an amazing resource with a ton of helpful information. In a game that is frequently growing and changing, there’s always something that needs updating, and Path of Fire has brought us many new things to add.

Feel free to comment here on what other articles you think should be focused for improvement in future weeks.


  • Adding on to Dash (hi Dash, it's Rain):

    I'm one of the people that got into editing the wiki through the On Wiki of Gold project. I knew absolutely nothing about wiki editing or formatting. My first page was editing the skills for the drum-kit I believe? I basically searched out the page for choir bells and did my best to copy the formatting. Whenever I asked questions I got answers super quick, whenever I've made careless or silly mistakes, they're fixed within minutes, and no one is angry with me for it. Mistakes happen, and everyone that works with the wiki knows that they WILL happen, and aren't done maliciously. Hell, I've corrected tons of others people mistakes, and everyone is fine with it. With the last 2 sets, I've made 104 gold off contributing to a game I love. I've also stockpiled 1000 gems. (Yep, you get those too!) I've been able to contribute to restructuring widely used pages and create tons of my own. If you're the type of person that loves helping other players, the wiki is a great way to share your knowledge of the game and its mechanics.

    Awesome ways to contribute to articles that tend to show up in the project:

    • Upload an image of an object, npc, area, etc.
    • Add locations, combat information, stolen skills, drops, or event involvement, etc. to NPC or Object pages
    • Add skill information for weapons, bundles, specializations, etc.
    • Add/connect the item/skill/area IDs. Ever shift click-look-up an item in the wiki and it link to an error message with a number? That number is the API page ID! In order for an item to be searchable from in game, someone has to connect the dots (the item page and the ID number) first. You can help connect them!

    Doing any of those things is enough to count as a contribution. (especially when new maps are released!)
    We're going to be creating and updating tons of pages for PoF, and we're going to need a ton of helping hands. I encourage you all to join in now so you can learn all the little tricks before the expansion hits.
    The GW2 wiki is honestly one of the best wikis I've ever had the pleasure of using for a game. In the rare cases an article doesn't exist containing relevant information, it's usually because it was released 5 minutes ago. 10 minutes later, there's the beginning of the article! If you have questions on how to edit a certain page, open a talk page for it or ask another user. We're all happy to help when we can.