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New player Looking for Active guild with voice chat (Discord)

Hey guys.

I am new to the game and have been playing for about a week now. I would love to find a nice big active guild to join that uses discord. English speaking USA based preferably


  • Odokuro.5049Odokuro.5049 Member ✭✭✭

    Hey there, Lady Soap!

    I run an up and coming PvX guild named, Ascended Khaos [AK], we are an active group, who are still growing (52 members currently.) where our goals are to grow as individuals, developing strengths and over coming our weaknesses. Fun is our bottom line, and we provide a chill casual-friendly environment to do so! If our roster size isn't big enough for you, feel free to look elsewhere or hold out for a larger guild to scoop you up, and whatever happens, I hope you find the place for you!

    Good luck!

    The Self-Appointed Pervy Sage of Dragonbrand.

  • Hello my friend!
    Divine Knights of Balthazar [DKB] is recruiting ! We are European community guild focused on PvE. We are close community with respect for others and it’s all about having fun together with no drama involved :) We don’t like that You’re just a number, we want You to be really part of the community!

    In short, we offer: Friendly and Active community | Fun together | Guild Missions | Seasonal Events with prizes | Guild Games | Guild Events every week | Fractals | Raids | Dungeons | HP Runs | Organized META events :)

    If You like to know us better check our post [EU][PvX] Divine Knights of Balthazar [DKB] and our website or just mail me in game :)

    See you around!

  • Hi there LadySoap,

    You might be interested to explore the Charter Vanguard. We're a 13 year old GW guild, about 200-300 people, but a close knit international community, half being that of North American/Canadian timezones, and the other that of South East Asian timezones. The best part about having such a community is that there are people online throughout the day/night, to chat and play with. We have Discord, a forum and a Facebook page. We're also beginner friendly, so if you have any questions, you only need ask.

  • Hey Lady :)

    The Remnants of Hope
    North America, Tarnished Coast* and More!
    Remnants of Hope was founded on June 7, 2009. Originally a Star Wars Galaxies guild, we have since moved on to play GW2, SWTOR, Elder Scrolls Online and WoW while continuing to have an active, positive presence in our games. In GW2, we currently have a group of about 20 – 30 members who play daily, with many other more casual players (up to 80 every week) and we are looking to expand our ranks.
    Tyria is a big world…a big, lonely, dangerous world. Remnants of Hope is like a beacon of…..well, Hope! You don’t have to face the elder dragons alone when you have guild mates to guard your back and pick you up when you’re knocked down. The people you adventure with are more important than the adventure itself.
    We’re more than just a gaming guild – we are truly a community made of members who enjoy playing every single aspect of the games we enjoy, from PvE to PvP to RP to chattering socially with each other over our expansive forums and Teamspeak. We’re made up of members from all over the world, with a wide variety of ages, backgrounds, genders and play styles. Because we’re community-oriented you’ll never feel like just another cog in the wheel. We’ve only got one common goal – to enjoy our favorite online games together. We’d love for you to join us!
    You might like our guild if you enjoy…
    = PvE =
    We not only help guild members enjoy the PvE content of GW2 but to assist them in improving and advancing their characters and personal skills within the game. We are always willing to provide advice/guidance on gearing and traiting different professions. Keep in mind that we don’t have all the answers, but we will help find them! We hope to see you in-game and in our events soon! We do weekly and biweekly dungeons, fractals, guild missions, jumping puzzles, Meta events, casual leveling groups, farming runs and living story content.
    = PvP =
    We encourage fun and friendly competitive gaming to both the fans of PvP gaming, and those curious about it. We are always willing to lend a hand with builds, classes, and general information about how the various forms of PvP are handled. Whether it be World vs World, Structured Player vs Player, or just some mini games, the PvP Department is always striving to be a welcoming, fun, and laid back place for people to smash in a face or two!
    = RP =
    We provide our members with an immersive and fun experience for the new roleplayer to the seasoned writer alike. Whether it be in-game or on the forums, we want to promote imagination and storytelling that spans beyond just the Remnants of Hope guild borders. By working with our other GW2 Departments within RoH and organizing events with them, we aim for a continuous living story that people can get involved in and help to continue shaping.
    Although we have a group of hardcore members doing progression fractals, raids, and working on legionaries, we also have many members who play when they have time, or enjoy the simpler pleasures in GW2 like leveling slowly or going on random adventures. We also have a very inviting approach when it comes to difficult content: many of our members are happy to bring along a “newbie” to dungeons or new content, but there’s no pressure for you to join events you aren’t interested in!
    *Very active forums
    *TeamSpeak 3 server
    *Freedom to play your game the way you want
    *Scheduled events on the calendar as well as “pop up” events put together through guild chat
    *Friendly community and environment
    *A structured leadership, with officers for each of our departments (PvE, PvP, RP, Guild Hall, and Recruitment)
    *Positive Attitude
    *Friendly Nature
    *Team Player
    == HOW TO JOIN ==
    Visit us at to apply and learn more!
    Please view your application as our first meeting! Take your time and fill it out as thoroughly as possible. We like to get to know you a little bit in it. Give us a feel for who you are in those answers and let us see how great of a person you are!
    *TC server of course only required for WvW content

  • Hey Lady Soap! I sent an in game mail to you about our guild, Misthaven. We are a small but active guild of adults age 30 and over. We have a wonderful and helpful group of people that like to laugh and have fun in the game. We do dungeons and fractals plus all sorts of random events. It depends on what people need to get done. We always help one another reach our goals. We do have Discord (we chat a LOT) and we have high level guild hall with lots of decorations. We will be doing lots of events when PoF comes out as well.

    Our website is If you have any questions, feel free to message me here or in game. Good luck in your search! :)

  • lol jeez the player has lady in the name and the forum goes crazy @Lady Soap.9358 if you haven't been taken yet but the insane amount of online dudes pm on discord:shadz#2477 or steam: tekren and discuss what you are active guild wise. thanks!

  • Hi there!
    Gonna throw our hat in the ring.

    Midway [mWAY] is a casual PvE guild that has grown to nearly 50 members in our first month.
    We are still growing, however we wish to focus on quality rather than quantity.

    We do guild missions, fractals, dungeons, meta events, world bosses and are currently gearing for raids.
    We have an active discord and no rep requirements.

    However we are an Aussie/SEA guild but are happy to welcome anyone who may be active during our times.

    Shoot me a message in game if you are interested!
    Happy for you to give us a shot.