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Ranged based build + survivability?

I'm looking for a ranged focused build that has good survivability and can handle most content in the game while also not sacrificing too much damage. Profession doesn't matter much.


  • hey @Zeeck.9025 , it's hard to make a build that by default has good surviveability because most of the time how long you survive is how much attention you pay to your situation and surroundings as well as personal skill and reaction time.

    With that said I've always found my Ranger to be more of my "lazy days" profession when it comes to Open World content and dungeons. For anything else you need to pay attention more. I would recommend the following build to you. Axe/Torch Condition Ranger. If you aren't aware Axe on Ranger is a ranged weapon. The build also uses a short bow.

    Your main surviveability comes from the use of "Winters Bite", "Cripple Shot", and "Concussion Shot". "Entangle" is your get out of jail free card.

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    I'd recommend either a ranger or a necromancer with a minion build. The problem with ranged builds in most cases is that it's hard to stay at range because the enemies will come to you. Ranger pets and necro minions can draw aggro and therefore keep enemies away from you, which on it's own increases survivability.

    I'm not sure how it works with necro minions but ranger pets don't actually cause aggro on their own - they can stand literally on top of an enemy and as long as you're out of range neither of you will be attacked. Which means usually the enemy will start off attacking you, but the vast majority of pets (except devourers and maybe spiders) are melee so they'll run in to attack. That on it's own will draw aggro from some enemies, but for others the Beastmaster specialization has a trait that adds taunt to the F2 skills. Or you can use Longbow skill 3 (which stealths you) or move away or whatever to stop them attacking you if you need to.

    I also recommend getting equipment that gives either toughness (+armour) or vitality (+health) which will allow you to take more damage. It's not totally fool-proof, even with max toughness and vitality you will still need to dodge big attacks, move out of AoEs and use your healing skill to survive, but it gives you a lot more flexibility. If you mistime a dodge you'll just lose a chunk of health and can recover, where a pure damage build could be downed. Something like Rabid equipment (which gives condition damage, power and toughness) makes for a good mix of survivability and damage.

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