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[NA][FA][WvW][GvG] Legends Never DIE Recruitment

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[DIE] is LOOKING FOR Chronomancers and Heralds for our front-line composition.
If you're interested mail me in game @ Haematic.4913, apply @ http://Lnd-gw2.com/apply
We rally 20-25 members a night.


Members are expected to rally Monday, Sunday & every other Thursday (Training/GvG Night) @ 8:30PM EST and to notify the guild if they’ll be absent for raid.
Members are also expected to record their raids to review opportunities for improvement. Also, they’re held responsible for both self-improvement and tasked items that push their individual and group play.
On weeks we don’t train we host public “Theme Nights” in FA discord, these are not mandatory raids.

Must own:

• Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns
• Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

About Us:

Legends Never [DIE] is a competitive yet welcoming community of players who have been together for as long as five years.
We enjoy memes, making fun of members who get one pushed and kicking kitten in WvW with the #fam.
[DIE] believes in continuous improvement as a team, by pushing each other to improve and through our raid reviews.
Want to watch us in action? Tune in Sunday and Monday night 8:30pm EST to


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