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LF WvW focused Guild on Dragonbrand Server

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Hello everyone,
I am starting to get into WvW and I'm looking for a guild that is very active there. I am mastery 105, 80 tempest, 80 druid, 60 guardian. I prefer healing as my main but I also have full gear for condi dps. I'm an older dude, been playing mmo since WoW first came out. I have been a guildmaster in Tera for a large guild that held Vanarchy. I also play Blade and Soul, BDO, War Thunder, and World of Warships. If this sounds like I would be a good fit for your WvW-focused guild please message me.


  • MAS guild invites you to consider us for your WvW play. We are a solid 18+ guild community that focuses on WvW, and continuing to grow our fight squad.

    Currently on Sorrow’s Furnace server so that interested players can reach us.

    Check us out at http://mas4eva.enjin.com. Complete a recruit application if you are interested, or reach out with questions.
    Good luck with your journey to find a group.

    Pre~ GM of MAS

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