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Einlanzer.1627Einlanzer.1627 Member ✭✭✭✭

I still think that Revenant is in bad need of a few core updates. They should either have a set of utilities tied to a "core" legend that is always available in addition to the two selected legends (i.e. a 3rd generic legend option, tied to the Invocation line, that focuses on synergy with other legends), or have a few legend-agnostic utilities that can slotted into any legend.

Secondly, they either need an additional base weapon type (shortbow really should have been core instead of tied the new elite), OR have some enhancement to the way their weapon skills work and to have weapon swap removed.

I don't think the class is really going to feel like it's in a good place until they get at least the first one.


  • I feel the need to get and additional base weapon too, because we are basically limited to only a few one. I basically can't choose a second weapon because the other ones aren't up for option at all. - I'm thinking of ranged weapons here (and ofc I left out the new spec now)

  • Knighthonor.4061Knighthonor.4061 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Energy system need to be changed. A stat currently in the game should effect energy Regen like it worked in GW1.
    The class won't work without Weapon Swap due to the limited nature of legends and their limited roles.

    The Revenant need more baseline weapons. Weapons need skills not linked to legends.

    Also legends need 2 additional skills that players can pick from, that would fit outside their general legend role, to make it work with other legends better.

    Legend swap for energy Regen compensation is a terrible design.

    Can't have both cool down and energy unless the Regen system is fixed first.

    Upkeep system is bad because of the flawed energy system.