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[EU]Raids[SN] Semi-hardcore guild recruiting

Just Serenity [SN] is a small semi-hardcore guild that is rebuilding its roster. We are looking for dedicated raiders and players who want to improve their gameplay.
The guild consists in part of working people, so you won’t see 24/7 raid and fractal parties. If you however want to enjoy raids in a relaxed yet competitive atmosphere as well as hop into fractals and dungeons from time to time, this might be the place for you.
Guild prime-time is between 7 pm and 10 pm CEST.

What are we looking for?

- Experienced raiders
Special note: If you’re a returning raider who has been part of a semi-hardcore guild before but haven’t raided in a while and lack experience in w4, you’re still welcome to apply. We can help you get back on track provided you have the right mindset and have done your homework.

- Great knowledge of two classes and up-to-date gear and rotations

- A friendly attitude

- Being able to use Discord and express yourself in English
We would love if you could talk. But if you can only type we can still work around it.

What can you expect with us?

- Raid clears once a week and activity and chitchat throughout the week
Raids are currently scheduled for Friday, 8pm CEST.

- Daily fractals and random dungeon tours
Random stuff is random, so feel free to ask around.

- A relaxed atmosphere
Our chat is 90% cookies and 9% tea. There’s also someone digging a basement dungeon…

This is not quite the guild for you:
- If you want to raid every day
- If you want a huge guild with lots of activity
- If you cannot commit to the raiding schedule
- If you know you take a failure or two too hard.

How to apply
Contact me (Naraia.1807) with an in-game mail detailing your level of experience in raids and the classes you can play. Let’s have a little chat, shall we?


Our trial system consists of two parts:

  • Initial Golem trial (there to check your overall knowledge of your classes)
  • Raid trial (if you pass the first trial, we will take you to a raid clear to test your performance)
    If you pass both tests you will be given a two-week trial period where we will look at the way you interact with the guild. This is also the time when you can decide if you like what you’re seeing and wish to stay or not.

Currently looking for:

  • Chrono
  • Druid


  • Chrono is closed for now, but we are still looking for a friendly and capable druid to add to the team ^^

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