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Need help with my 2 questions

I have played this game for quite some time now. Reached 135 mastery. I have 2 questions to ask, hope you all can help.

1 - I am big fan of reaper or I should say, i have done everything on gw2 with necro only. I usually play reaper. Now, i want to play scourge but getting high dps with scourge is I think not possible. I have made everything ascended from gears to trinkets of condi build, but the dmg is just not enough. Can you suggest build for necro for PvE and fractals. Build on metabattle and snowcrows have only condi build.

2 - Someone who have played necro this much and like to play high dps and not so complex hero, what class I should level up next.



  • Tuna Bandit.3786Tuna Bandit.3786 Member ✭✭✭

    For the first: Scourge builds are usually Condition Damage, and an insane amount of it.
    Example (still valid)

    For the second. That depends on too many personal preferences, to really advise one.
    I can say what I enjoy playing most besides Necro, and that is Thief
    Specifically Deadeye, glass canon build. A lot can be close to one-shot in PvE, but it has some risks offcourse. Stealth is your friend when you are squishy

  • Taril.8619Taril.8619 Member ✭✭✭

    PvE builds you say?

    Reaper will generally deal more DPS than Scourge, but Scourge can scale better with party buffs (I.e. When there's someone providing perma-Quickness, one of the main strengths of Reaper, its perma-Quickness while in Shroud, is nullified, also given that a majority of Reapers DPS is from auto attacks in Shroud, perma-Alacrity buffs also offer less bonus as does getting Might/Fury buffs since Reaper provides its own 25 stacks of Might and some Fury uptime)

    As far as other classes that deal good damage and are low complexity, Guardian and specifically Firebrand is reknown for being high DPS but simple to play.

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