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Merciless Rifle Dye Color?

So... I've made a terrible mistake by purchasing the 599g 99s 98c Merciless Rifle skin (NO REGRETS!), and I've been trying to work an interesting appearance for it. The problem being, is that I have no idea what dye colors the Merciless Rifle skin is using. Can someone tell me what Black and Silver color dyes that I need to use in order to match with my shiny new skin?

Currently, I'm using Panscopic Monocle Helm, Outlaw Shoulders, Heart of Koda Chestplate, Spellthieves Arms, Spellthieves Leggins, and Seekers Boots (I'm trying to buy Whisper's Leggins, will probably have that skin tomorrow). Currently using Abyss Black (Rare) and Frost (Rare) dyes for my colors.

So... any tips for improving this appearance? Do you know what Dye color's match the Merciless Rifle? I'm wanting to pretty my Medium Armor and Heavy Armor up as much as possible to use this expensive skin as much as I can.


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    What about the Race and Gender you are playing?
    Might help with Previewing the Armor as they look vastly different on each Race and Gender, to find the right dyes.

    By the way the Dye on Merciless Rifle is Dark Brown, not Black.

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  • Ah, my apologies for the oversight for that one. I'm currently running Human Male Engineer.

    Thanks for pointing out the Dark Brown dye, I'll try that when I get home! lol