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No Quarter Was A Nice Change Of Pace.

The pacing of the events and combat was top notch in this episode and reflected what was happening in the story. We have had a lot of maps where you kinda do your own thing in one of several groups, and you get stuff done in a more calm way. This episode, however, feels like you are pushing the entire time against the Dominion forces. In fact, each map in Icebrood Saga feels like they have tweaked the events and map flow more than usual. I think its a good thing. What do you think?


  • Randulf.7614Randulf.7614 Member ✭✭✭✭

    In general I agree. The only nitpicks I have are that I'd have liked more emphasis on sieging - maybe even bring the warclaw into play and the lack of urgency from the enemies. Half of them just stood around not really getting stuck in or slowly walking nonchalantly up the slopes towards our camps.

    I did like the snipers taking out skyscale riders though, although they seemed rather too easy to avoid. The nod to ground-air tactics was a good idea at least

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