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LF a casual, social guild :)

Hey all, I've playing again for the last month or so after a 6 year break and I'm looking for a fairly casual and social guild to do some achievement hunting, meta events, and general exploring! So mostly PvE. I'm currently on Sea of Sorrows.
Please let me know if there's some space for a somewhat noob in your guild :)


  • Hey! :) My guild is very social/friendly centered. We are an EU guild. We are aiming to cover all game modes but our main focus is to have fun together and enjoy growing as a group.
    If that sounds good to you, then the Moon Walkers [MOON] is the right place for you :) We also have a Discord server where we can hang out together and communicate while partying up, and also a Facebook group.

    What do you think? :)

  • Hi! It sounds great but unfortunately I'm an Aussie on the NA servers, and I don't have the gems to transfer :( thank you though!

  • MechaOG.2076MechaOG.2076 Member ✭✭

    [NA]Welcome to Hunters Of Fortune [HoF].

    We are a group of fun-loving and friendly people who likes to enjoy GW2 together. We keep things casual but at the same time, strive to improve ourselves and help others with the same. We are home to many players who have been playing for years, as well as those who just started this game this week.

    We are a growing tight-knit community, with people willing to help each other in every way they can. What does our guild offer?

    • LGBTQ+ friendly place
    • No discrimination of any kind
    • Regular events:

      • World Boss Train
      • HoT/PoF Runs
      • Map Completion
      • Fractals/Dungeons
      • Bounty Runs
      • Weekly WvW. We are in Sanctum of Rall.
      • We are expanding it as we get new players and officers
    • Guild hall (Gilded Hollow) and it is expanding fast

    • Monthly Birthday bash / get together in-game where we just chill, talk, and enjoy our monthly achievements
    • There are plenty of more things in works

    We do have some basic requirements to join the guild

    • Be active (We are not asking you to play every day)
    • Contribute to guild hall upgrades
    • Take part in guild events as much as you can
    • We require you to join our Discord. It is okay if you do not like to talk there, but we post a lot of guild information there

    New players are welcomed. We love to teach and show you around the game.

    While the focus is a lot on PVE, we will also be doing PVP and players who enjoy that are welcomed. To join, please send me an in-game mail at MechaOG.2076

  • @MattyUnderscore.2069 said:
    Hi! It sounds great but unfortunately I'm an Aussie on the NA servers, and I don't have the gems to transfer :( thank you though!

    Sure mate, no problem. I'm sure you'll find plenty of really fun guilds :) Have fun!