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Hairstyles and Scribbles

I doodle hairstyles in my off time occasionally and put them here. Hope you guys enjoy them too!


  • YES!! These are so great! - the Charr ones almost made me cry because I love the edits you did! wonderful job. Now, Anet just needs to get on the ball and create these magnificent things! Great job.

  • Some of these are really nice. We can always use more hair styles/ facial / racial / appearance optimizations. However, what would be better still is if they added them to initial character creation and not just the gem store ticket variant.

  • I'm not very overwhelmed of the charr styles. Asuras styles and armours look Nice tho.

  • I tend to like the 'mane' configuration of hair for Charr....with most the hair falling to one side, like a horse's mane....rather than the all around poof that a lion mane. There are already a couple styles reminiscent of horse manes in I played with that a bit.

  • I would honestly love to have all of those in the game. Need more non-human / norn hairstyles because the other races have a rather small selection comparatively

  • These are amazingggg!!

    Do some for norns <3 Some beautiful dreads or long hair plsss w

  • I like them! Especially the Asura ones! Since I give so much effort into the char lookouts, it's important to me to know what are my possibilities, and if some of your hairstyles would be in game, I would totally start an Asura for my next char! :heart: :star:

    Do some for norns <3 Some beautiful dreads or long hair plsss

    My main char is Norn, so I vote for this post, I would really like to see Norn ones too! :heart:

  • Oooh, I want the kelp one for my Sylvari male. I love the longer hairstyles. :) Those are all amazing though. Such beautiful work.

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