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Living Story Season 3 - A Crack in the Ice

So I've completed this story chapter already but want finish an achievement which is in the last story of A Crack in the Ice. However, when I access the story journal all I can see is a replay the episode button which brings me back to the beginning of the story. How do you just select the last story instead of replaying from the beginning?


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    Choosing to Replay the episode makes it so you can go to any instance of the story. Your story tracker will start from the beginning, but you don't have to do the whole thing in order again. You just need to look for the little pink star/swirl on the mini map for the particular instance you're wanting to do, which in this case would be the one at the entrance to Bitterfrost Frontier. Go there, and walk up to the pink swirly thingy to start that chapter.

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  • Ahh! I see the purple stars now. Much appreciated!