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{NA} Elhayna[Magi] is recruiting! Open World PvE & Newby friendly

Elhayna[Magi] is looking for new recruits!
We are looking to rebuild our playerbase interested in Open World PvE, meta events, and farming. New and veteran players both welcome!

Game Modes: PvE
Region: NA
Guild Hall: Lost Precipice Lv 47. (Maxed out everything relevant for PvE, including Enhancements, and Harvesting nodes.)
Voice: Discord. We encourage you to join us during our farms! <(•w•<)

Why join?:
Guild Wars 2 is more fun when you play with others. Events scale up, get harder, and give more loot. We want to do things like leading event trains, harvesting around the world, discussing market trends, and helping each other get rich!

However, we understand that Guild Wars 2 is just a game, and some of us have very important responsibilities. That is why we want to go about it very chill, and casual.

Contact for recruitment / Guild Leadership:
Mail or Whisper me ingame: Kain Francois.4328


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