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Wasn't the Icebrood Saga supposed to be about Norn and Charr and not about just the Charr ?



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    It will be interesting to find out what roles centaurs and potentially krait play in the saga. I'd love to see us meeting some friendly centaur rebels from the Centaur Alliance and help them dethrone the Modniir High Command (or a new War King if such has risen since Ulgoth's demise) so the Harathi and Tamini can no longer have to fear reprisals from the more dominating Modniir. Maybe we could even use good charr and sylvari as ambassadors to try to broker an armistice between humans and centaurs (as centaurs respect sylvari as nature spirits, and charr have experience detailing the benefits of a treaty with their former human enemies) while Jennah could provide evidence from Caudecus's seized letters in Season 3 to prove that Caudecus was the driving force behind the war on the humans' side while Jennah always preferred a more diplomatic solution to end hostilities without demeaning centaurs or taking over all their lands.


    Only a few centaurs revere the sylvari as nature spirits.

    Noctis the Facemauler: Plant spirits! By the living soul of the earth, I did not think it to be true.
    Cai: Spirits of the land, that's us. We are angry at the humans of Ascalon Settlement. We've used our magic to chase the humans away.
    Cai: See for yourselves! The gates are open and the streets are empty. Go there, centaur, and claim your prize.
    Centaur: Noctis! The humans are fleeing into the hills. The spirit tells truth! The village is undefended!
    Noctis the Facemauler: Gallop to the human settlement immediately. Bless you, spirits! The Harathi will long remember your deeds!

    It see It seems that only Noctis believes that they are plant spirits though he may have lost that idea afterwards.

    Cai: Perfect. The centaur defense crumbles...just as the Seraph swoop back in to retake the town.
    Noctis the Facemauler: The Seraph are coming! Curse those trickster spirits! Retreat, and fight another day!

    The centaurs have heard rumours of the emergence of the sylvari, but do not yet know what to make of them. Some, at least, believe the sylvari to be spirits of the land.

    I take that more of the centaurs at the time being so unused to sylvari that they were mistaken as plant spirits by the more spiritual centaurs. Noctis isn't the only centaur to make that mistake, Ehrgen Cragstrider in Dry Top makes the same thought initially:

    You are a rare sight in the uplands. Forgive this one for asking, but are you a nature spirit?


    Sylvari aren't common to have expanded beyond the Tarnished Coast, even by 1325 AE, and would have less reason to interact with the centaur alliance of Tamini, Harathi, and Modniir. While the Modniir have focused less on spiritualism since Ulgoth took over, and this spread over to the other tribes, there was still some spiritualism much like seen in the Maguuma tribes. Having a culture that focuses on worship of the earth and nature spirits, seeing a sylvari for the first time ever wouldn't be surprising as to mistake for a nature spirit made flesh or something.

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    No the stupid cats have to have everything. Norn are an after thought like every other time in this games dang history; This is the first and last time we can expect norn to even remotely be touched. Wont be until guild wars 3 (IF it ever happens and they aren't wiped out) that we get more, which honestly I doubt they will even be playable with the neglect and just apparent disregard the dev's and writers have for them. Feels bad man.

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    I'm guessing we will see Bear in the next half of Drizzlewood, as we got the ceremonial outfit but didn't have anything in the map related to it.

    I'm definitely ready to move forward from the Charr politics. I think a lot of people were excited to deal with the Charr stuff, but it feels like with both Norn and Charr stroy being crammed into this saga neither one of them are really getting fleshed out that much. I guess we've gotten a decent amount of Charr stuff but it feels like it's extremely focused on select individuals. Nothing about the ghost problem, not really much about culture outside of the prologue. I guess there ultimately isn't too much to dive into with the Charr but I'm a sucker for origin stories and I guess that's one thing I always look forward to when we dive into race-specific storylines like this one.

    I'm hoping we'll get something more substantial with the Norn and co. moving forward.