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[Suggestion] Add an optional low importance tag for Support Tickets

As you may or may not have heard Support is currently dealing with a higher than usual number of tickets, and therefore it's taking them longer than usual to get back to people. I've seen some people who are understandably very concerned that they've not heard back and really want to know what's happening but I've also seen other people saying they're happy to wait because they don't consider their ticket urgent.

Which got me thinking - would it be worthwhile to add an optional 'low importance' flag to Support tickets? A button the player can click when submitting the ticket that lets Anet see they're in no rush to get an answer, so the ticket can be treated as lower priority when they're sorting incoming messages.

For example when I forgot the password to my free account I had to contact Support to get back into it (and it was a bit more complicated than usual because I didn't have an account key). I imagine "I am locked out of my account" is normally considered a high priority issue, but since it was my free account I really wasn't that bothered - I wanted it back eventually but it wasn't urgent for me. I think I actually wrote that in the support ticket but it might have been more helpful to have a way to make it clear right from the start.

Other examples of where I see it being used include players accidentally deleting a character who is holding a one-time-only item like an achievement reward which doesn't go into the wardrobe automatically or something that's part of a legendary collection. The only way to get it back is to contact Support, but if you trust them to sort it out eventually and you don't need it right away you could flag it low importance.

I suspect only Anet can answer one side of this - whether it would be helpful for them to have this information. But I'd also be interested in whether other players would use it and/or any improvements to the system. :)

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  • I think the tickets are responded to (automatically) in the order received. I think the ticket is then sent to the appropriate team and priority is then determined. I'm not sure a flag would make any difference, and could cause issues should some accidentally use the option. Not only that, but if such an option be implemented, there would likely be cries for an 'Urgent' option. Not that that option would ever see the light of day, as many would consider their issue urgent.

    It probably best just left to the CS Team to route and assess tickets as they see fit.

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