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The latest LOSING STRATEGY in low MMR

Maat.3940Maat.3940 Member ✭✭
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Hello all!

This is meant to be an informative and educational post. And mainly meant to help players (the ones that want to) make better choices based on the most coveted outcome: the big WIN.
I also want to disclose that I am in no shape and form a great PvP player. By some standards, I might be a bad player, or by other standards, I might be just average.

So, I've noticed this obsession with FAR, not in the sense of decapping it by the most mobile class on your team but by let's say: engineers, necros (this is the one that ticks me the most) and dh class (squishy PvE build).

This strategy results in a loss almost every time. Another disclosure here. A quarter of my games are ridden with bots. But the other ones I actually see players:
1. Going on far, dying every time on full enemy team respawn.
2. Going on far when you have 2 points (and you are at an advantage in team fights) and full capping instead of just decapping
3. Complete failure to keep close because one of the team members wastes half the game walking from base to far only to die in under 1 minute (at best).

I write this post in hope that some of the better players here can explain the complex nuances of the far strategy and help a tiny fraction of the community reading this post understand more about when they should be looking at far as a good strategy to tip the scales.

How I understand the close, far strategy works.
1. Only if you are a team weak in team fights (no necro on your team, no form of support)
2. Most of your team is more mobile (revs, thieves, rangers)

If so, I believe it is beneficial to fight side nodes more and take (cap mid) when safe. WHEN SAFE!

Most of the game I lose (when there is a fighting chance on both sides) is because one of my teammates chooses to be food for far.
I am not playing at an MMR where people know what kiting is. So they genuinely stay on the point until they run out of cooldowns and hp.
When did this become a cool thing?
And with this strategy I see losses happen every time, EVERY TIME!



  • Koen.1327Koen.1327 Member ✭✭✭

    best strategy is to just go far and win all duels in low mmr

  • Asum.4960Asum.4960 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    While it does depend on comp and map, I'm pretty sure going far at inopportune times is the leading cause of losses across all rankings, especially on maps like Foefire.

    I can't count the amount of games that could have been sure and easy wins if it wasn't for either 1-3 people running far into a full respawn, leading to the entire Map being snowballed over after they wiped, or people just rushing far over and over just to die, instead of regrouping close and securing 1-2 kills there and then rolling over the rest of the enemy team in mid, securing a 2 cap and the win.

    Same with offnode chasing, people just seem to not want comfortable 2 cap wins, rotating to defend for a comfortable victory, and rather chase some K/D but throwing the match, leaving their less mobile team fighters to get steamrolled on point by respawns to chase something they can't catch.

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  • Trevor Boyer.6524Trevor Boyer.6524 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Eh asking for some "rule of thumb" pertaining to conquest rotations in GW2 is an over simplification. In fact, as the years have gone on, I have come to believe the idea that "Rotations" even exist in some kind of do or don't format, is a massively failing theorem from the ground up.

    There is no rule of thumb with rotations. Having good rotations so to say, amounts down to one thing and one thing only: Common Sense.

    In 9 years and 18,000 games of play, I've learned that it is a waste of time to try and teach players rotations because players either have common sense, or they don't. Thus players either understand rotations or they don't. A player with common sense will choose a class/build to play and they'll quickly figure out what it is good at and what it isn't. This leads to players knowing where they should be and where they shouldn't. In turn that leads to players knowing where to go next, and when to leave a bad situation. And then all of sudden, that player is understanding rotations without anyone ever needing to explain it to them.

    Now on the other hand, when we try to teach players who don't have common sense about rotations, we try to make these rules of thumb for them to go by, which leads to tunnel-visioning some rule of thumb, regardless of how bad of an idea it is at the time. Example: "A Thief keeps repeatedly pushing far and dying to a Condi Herald because someone told him that it is the Thief's job to decap far." <- You see that player doesn't have common sense. People either have common sense or they don't.

    But nevertheless, I've found that the three most important things that not so good players need to hear, is this:

    1. Learn your job role.
    2. The best thing you can do for your team is not die.
    3. Don't tunnel vision. Slow down and use your common sense.

    If they care enough about the game, they'll do these three things. And then wallah, a player begins to understand "Rotations."

  • Dantheman.3589Dantheman.3589 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Some players auto think- I’m on a 1v1 build and the best player on my team and hence push far every single match and despite being a good 1v1er they never win. The far role is actually more complex than even great players know. Most ppl end up with more impact just helping your team and decapping far given the opportunity. That’s because if u push far and can only stall it it’s like saying at that time “I will take one for the team, the outcome of the match is on you”. The winning strat in ranked is pmuch only go far if you plan on doing enough damage to win that 1v1 and then doing a mix of helping your team and rotating either back to that node to protect it or to bunker another node. If u don’t have the mobility to rotate and decap, well u better have some damage. It’s simple don’t expect to carry being a potato on far- except possibly if the other team is just potatoing on mid then just hold sides can win the match.

  • Crab Fear.1624Crab Fear.1624 Member ✭✭✭✭

    When players less than plat 3 try to employ plat 3 strategies, techniques, and game-plans, you get what we got.

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  • Luthan.5236Luthan.5236 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Going far and even cap (not only decap) it is okay. If you actually can cap it and defend it a bit (and if the enemy isn't ignoring you and trying to attack). Then you can get some points while delaying (even if you lose 1 vs. 1) and the best is if you can stay alive some time and they need 2 to kill you.

    The main problem I see is: Team tries to take all 3 nodes and not defending at all ... while the enemy just ends up being better at re-taking them and we end up with having less nodes on average over the time.

    Especially a big problem if the match gets close to the end and you are ahead. I not rarely saw it still being lost by the team trying to cap everything instead of playing it ssafe and defending.

    The funnniest thing is if the whole team tries to cap far against 1 enemy bunker and the other 4 of his team mates cap the remaining 2 nodes while far stays capped by the enemy and it's unkillable bunker. :D (With the other 4 guys easy to kill.) I exagerrate. But someone coming to "help" at far ... isn't uncommon. When capping far is only meant as distraction and he is missing elsewhere (where he should help when 1 guy distracts enemy with far).