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[NA][PVE] Fractal static lf power quickbrand

Shadow.4259Shadow.4259 Member ✭✭
edited July 14, 2020 in Looking For Guild

When we run:
reset+2/3, NA sunday / OCX monday to NA thursday / OCX friday (5 days a week)

Role we need:

  • power quickbrand

Who we are:
Our group loves fractals, especially CMs. When we have time, we gg a lot during cms because we're interested in pushing our killtimes, trying new stuff, and to get clean kills. While we take cms seriously we're also pretty fun and chill.

Our requirements:
You should be proficient in your class and experienced in all fractals. Having experience with basic no-heal strategies like skipping Skor p2 dash, Arts anoms, etc, would be highly preferred. If not, you should be interested in analysing logs, asking questions, and self-motivated to continuously improve.

If you're interested, please contact me on Discord: Shadow#8837 (preferred) or Ingame: Shadow.4259.