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[EU][PvX]Quaggans rule Krait stink [CoOo] a small social, casual gaming guild is recruiting!

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About us
Quaggans rule Krait stink is a small social, casual gaming community focusing mainly on Guild Wars 2 (GW2). We are a PvX guild tho still the main thing that people are interested in seems to be PvE. We strive to create a casual friendly gaming community surrounded around GW2 yet to also casually play other games for fun and make friends along the way. We welcome GW2 players to come chat and play games with us, also people who don’t play GW2 (Base game is F2P so would be nice if you were willing to give it a try).

What type of members are we looking for?
Relatively active, friendly, casual gamers (It's ok not to talk in voice chats)
We are LGBTQ+ friendly so if you aren’t then sorry you are not welcome here.
No toxicity tolerated, so behave if you decide to join us!

What we have to offer?
Weekly PvP guild missions.
Guild activities.
Looking for group (LFG) roles for GW2 content and to unlock chats for other gaming related chats.
Friendly group of people ready to chat and play games.
Help with GW2 for new players (We will do our best).

What game categories we focus on?
Survival games
Arcade games
Fps games (Not taking them too seriously just for fun)

Guild info
Guild type: PvX, social, casual
Guild Hall: Gilded Hollow
Guild lvl: 10
Current member count: 15 (Plan to keep guild small, around 30 members)
Guild Mission type: PvP
Pssst! This guild doesn't have much to do with Quaggans i just like them!

Caught your interest or have questions before joining? Contact me on discord Amolitha#2999! (Gonna ignore comments posted down below)