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Am I just incompetent or?....

So I'm playing as an Elementalist, right?...

I've come back to this game after a long time away from it just tonight. I've unlocked the Weaver Elite Specialization tree and unlocked about 4 skills from it.

From what I've learned everywhere, a Weaver is supposed to be able to Dual attune his/her elements, with the most recent element in the main hand, and the element before that in the off-hand. You can also focus into one attunement for both weapons.

But here's the issue I'm facing.... My weapon skills are not showing up for slot 1-3 for my main hand sword/weapon and refuse to do so. Also, even with the dual attunement skill unlocked, I still CANNOT dual attune. I'm stuck on ONE attunement for both main hand and off hand.

Have I encountered a bug, or am I just heavily overlooking something?