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[NA, SoS] Casual teenage player looking for small guild. [PVE]

My name is Charlotte, I'm a fairly quiet and mature Freshman in high school. I've been playing since late March 2016. I've wanted to join a guild for a while but I haven't found one I really want to get involved in. I've never liked big groups where there are so many people you don't get to know anyone and I have anxiety problems around too many people, so I'd vastly prefer to join a small guild with not that many people in it.
I'm pretty casual and I only play PvE, I play a Sylvari Elementalist named Rowan Aspen. Even though healers aren't really a needed role in GW2, I still like to use a water attunement on staff in big multiplayer boss battles.
I'm on from approx. 4:40 PM to 8:00 or 9:30, Eastern time.


  • Hi Charlotte, you might want to check out MadCast. We are a medium sized multi-game community, but our GW2 guild is currently quite small (about 5-10 active players). I will say that while I don't have social anxiety, I am an introvert and I avoid really big gaming communities myself due to feeling overwhelmed and disconnected. I have been around MadCast for years now and made many life long friends (and found a husband). Now it feels like a very comfortable place.

    Anyway, I am rebuilding our GW2 branch right now with the aim of hitting an active, medium-size guild. I mainly enjoy open world PvE stuff like meta events, boss battles, achievement hunting, and community events. I also like helping new players to the game because I love how friendly the GW2 community is and it's fun to pass it on. You can see my recruitment thread here. There is no application process for the guild if you would like to join just to try it out and see. If you are interested in becoming a Full Member of MadCast there is a 30 day candidacy process, but you can decide if that's right for you later.

    Let me know if you have any questions, either here, or in game, or via posting on the MadCast forums. :)

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    Feel free to come and check out MIND. We might be a fit for you.


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