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  • @Norentic.4762 said:
    Can you set EVERY adventure a button to reset? There isnt any since pof and it's unnecesseraly boring to unlog relog or suiciding.

    Where the adventure timer/tracker is in the upper right corner, you'll see an [x] on it. If you click that you can reset the adventure. This applies to all of them including mount time trials. Hope that helps!

  • monkeybtm.4360monkeybtm.4360 Member
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    (more general than specific to this episode) Any plans to do more strikes more along the lines of forging steel?

    I really liked it personally, has a nice dungeon like length, difficulty properly scales to just one person or full group, its actually placed in the critical story path.
    It's like the perfect blend of story instance and repeatable group content. though a little bit shorter wouldn't hurt.

  • anninke.7469anninke.7469 Member ✭✭✭

    Will we get more Visions of the Past stuff via the scrying pool?

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    Act with wisdom and axe.

  • Why the end of the story episode is called "epilogue"? (middle of the saga? end?)

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    Ruin of Surmia world
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  • Daniel Handler.4816Daniel Handler.4816 Member ✭✭✭✭

    What are the design inspirations for Jormag?

  • Dreggon.6598Dreggon.6598 Member ✭✭

    What do the major/minor blessings of Otter do?

  • Drizzledwood Coast repeatable reward track WvW: its current rewards are as intended or not?

  • It's been several releases since Magdaer's sister sword was sent for repairs to a repairman, when will it be released as fully repaired / improved and finally given to Logan?

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    What is the intent behind changing the charr legions' demeanor on a cultural level? More specifically, why is Smodur seemingly the only major charr character to display the ruthlessness that the race has been infamous for up to this point?

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    Spoiler question.

    Why you decided to kill Smodur in such a 'blank' situation?
    This character deserves cinematic on this...
    I didn't even understood what happened

    Fix this and add cinematic for that story part.
    When Rytlock appeared from the mists during HoT he had cinamtic entrance.

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    Since a lot of people call the whole Drizzlewood meta "soft-core WvW", will you take the opportunity to make it an introduction to WvW? When are Alliances coming?


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    @Rubi Bayer.8493 said:
    On tomorrow's Guild Chat we'll have six members of our development team to talk live about this week's Living World episode "Jormag Rising". Our guest lineup is:

    Paul Schwarzwalder: Content Programmer
    Matthew Medina: Senior Game Designer
    Alex Kain: Senior Writer/Narrative Designer
    Meagan Glennon: Environment Artist
    Nick Hernandez: Game Designer
    Kirk Williford: Senior Game Designer

    If you have questions about the episode drop them here and we'll answer as many as we have time for!

    Lore questions:

    • What's the difference between "the Owl Spirit" and generic "Owl Spirits"? Are they minions of the greater spirit, are they shards/avatars/manifestations of it, or are they just normal animal ghosts? Where is the line, how do we tell them apart? Same for the other spirits, Wolf has up to three different appearances: Spirit of Wolf, who appears in Wayfarer Foothills during an event, Wolf Spirits, a series of white wolf mobs who appear in the Personal Story, and Wolf Spirit, who appears in Bjora Marches and shares the appearance with Spirit of Wolf.
    • Do the greater spirits have any unique names? Feels weird to just call them "Wolf" and "Owl", and there's a lot of cool norse mythology to take names from (Fenrisúlfr, Vánagandr, Valravn, etc). Alternatively, just take nordic languages as the inspiration. I'm sure you could come up with some pretty cool names.
    • Braham talks about "Great Spirits" and "Lesser Spirits". Who belongs to each group? The puzzle at the story seems to imply the great ones are the classic four: Bear, Raven, Snow Leopard, and Wolf; plus Eagle, Owl, Ox, and Wolverine. It also implies Griffon, Hare, and Otter are minor spirits, together with more we don't know of.
    • Is there any official list of Spirits of the Wild? There are many suspects but it's not clear if they're jokes or mistakes, such as Frog, Gorilla, and Mink. Also, Dolyak and Ox were said to be the same spirit, is this true? Their altars look far too different (one depicts a dolyak, and another an ox).
    • Is Koda, the "white polar bear spirit" the kodan revere some kind of rogue Spirit of the Wild, or is it something else altogether?
    • Wasn't Jormag supposed to be the first original Elder Dragon who is also a female? Why use "they" instead of "her"? Is Jormag supposed to be a cluster of multiple entities instead? Aurene said there were "multiple voices" inside Bangar after the episode's end, is Jormag some kind of hive entity? Something similar to Gorseval maybe? (formed of the ghosts it devoured)

    Gameplay questions:

    • Dumb nitpick, but why aren't the two northern areas controlled by the United Legions painted blue instead of gray? Same for the central area in the south with the secret base, we capture it during the story, but it remains gray. Is there any kind of restriction why this can't be?
    • Drizzlewood Coast drags for far too long, any plans to split the metas or speed up the events? The gameplay itself is good but the duration seems to create a bad environment with players.

    Rewards questions:

    • The Otter is hands down the best "equipment effect" released in the game, period. It looks even better than all the legendary trinkets combined! Anyway, is there any chance we'll eventually get a complete set of minor spirits? I would kill to have Snowshow Hare (a bunny hopping around me) and other small animals. Would be great if every Icebrood Saga map had its own effect to collect, maybe make it the final legendary reward of the season. Make it happen! Cute animals >>>> nuclear radiation.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Hey anet, ty for the new patch, that i havent played yet, because im expecting another farming map, that one can play just spamming one skill, and with a story writen by 10 year old.
    Ty for not adding another bad strike mission, since it was a bad idea from the start.
    Is it possible to know if you will ever make other content? I think Raids, wvw, pvp, fractals needs some love as well

    Best wishes

  • tienak.5406tienak.5406 Member ✭✭

    Will we be getting more instanced group content, such as raids, fractals, dungeons and Strike missions?

    My main concern is the focus on meta maps that lead to no where as the gear you get there will only be used for content that you're no longer developing.

  • Infusion.7149Infusion.7149 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Design Questions

    There's more than one way of doing the Behind Enemy Lines story step ("Beach Cleanup"/"Genuine Imposter"/"the Ghost"), but if you want to assault the gate directly instead of help Braham fidget with ruins you are not allowed the option. Will player agency return? We had long branching story-lines before (in core Tyria mainly) or even multiple ways to do something in a story step but sometimes those options are taken away (see Smodur's actions in Distract, Destroy, Distrust where even if you choose not to drop the shell the decision is made for you).

    Storm the Citadel captures a keep assault quite well (appeals to WvW players similar to south Drizzlewood and Silverwastes) but it is too early to determine how well it scales with players. What is the minimum squad size that designers planned for?

    Where did the Otter enrichment idea come from? (someone else mentioned this)

    Medizooka was a neat option for players to temporarily play support on classes that might not have a strong support spec (i.e. thief). Will we see more mastery unlocked support-type "utilities" for openworld? Players rarely play full support in openworld due to the lower rewards , the "supports" you most likely see include condi quickbrand, chronomancers, condi scourge with blood magic or barriers on manifest sand shade, renegades using their gear from instanced content , or fresh air tempest running water traitline without healing power.

    The Wolverine adventure seems designed as a way to address casual player damage output and people standing in AoE, so kudos to that. Internally, what classes and builds are used to calibrate gold and silver tier of the Wolverine adventure? I'm curious because I managed to be numbered on leaderboard (which is above gold tier) the first day using diviner gear and pack runes rather than berserker's + scholar rune.

    What sort of CPU optimization / multithreading measures are being taken with respect to the south part of the map when the North meta is active? Many people complained about decreased performance in the North meta. Are assets in the south of the map being completely culled?

    The supposed removal of the tier 1 stormcaller requirement for tier 2 charged stormcaller weapons has created some resentment in the playerbase. Was it originally intended to use tier 1 stormcaller weapons in a recipe to create tier 2 charged stormcaller weapons? Are there plans to create a recipe for those that unlocked the tier 1 equivalent or the entire Stormcaller achievement?

    Quality of Life Questions

    Re: Meta, What is the intended timeframe (during internal testing) for a North meta event completion?

    • If there's a 30 minute timer for the Storm the Citadel and 10 minutes to loot , you're looking at roughly 40 minutes not including the events before the Storm the Citadel meta. If you include the pre-events it's roughly one hour.
    • Is it intended that players do the south meta , the cache keeper run, take a 15 minute break and start the North meta pre-events? That would be roughly the two hours people cite here.
    • Many players have limited playtime so the longterm outlook for an hour long meta is bleak let alone one close to two hours.

    Is it possible that the exit message for the wolverine adventure be changed to not pop up unless interacting with the door?

    Has the issue of people afking at caravan escorts in south part of Drizzlewood coast been discussed internally? Perhaps more participation should be given to capture of an area and the client could kick people off the map or not reward them that "tick" when they aren't moving or actively doing anything in less time than it checks for currently.


    It's rather clear the repeatable WvW Drizzlewood Coast reward track is not done (to the point Drizzlewood is misspelled for a chest in the track and volatile magic is rewarded along with djinn caches and other Season 4 boxes). Are there plans to put in proper reward track rewards (i.e. accountbound tribune weapon , charged stormcaller weapons or the materials for them) and replace LS4 caches with supply caches or minor loot from drizzlewood coast enemies?

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    With no quaggans in the new map, how are we supposed to ask who your favorite quaggan is?

  • Thanks for all of your questions, everyone! We're just over four hours out from today's show, so I'm rounding up questions and closing the thread.

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