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Eight years later

AzryelVikingar.5136AzryelVikingar.5136 Member ✭✭
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GW2 is getting ready to celebrate his eighth birthday. So I searched for my first skin with my main character for redo it identically. Although my Asura is a fashion victim, I was slow to take because I had waited to own Asura racial armor… and in addition it wasn't exotic armor… RIP. But he's grown up since then and he's gone through a multitude of transformations :

Yes I know for an Asura “ grow “ is a very big words but I assure you he's grown up especially the hair. And you? Where were you almost eight years ago?
AND A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GW2 ... a few days in advance ^^


  • kharmin.7683kharmin.7683 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    DELETE -- sorry

    I am a very casual player.

  • Randulf.7614Randulf.7614 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Desp trying to get my GW1 HoM up to 30 points which I finally did at 2am just before launch with help from a very helpful guild leader.

    4 hours later I was patching :)

    Sadly I’ve gone through 3 PCs and I never kept the screeners saved to transfer across

    What sleep is here? What dreams there are in the unctuous coiling of the snakes mortal shuffling. weapon in my hand. My hand the arcing deathblow at the end of all things. The horror. The horror. I embrace it. . .

  • I admit ... it was difficult for me to find it I use several sites to save them online luckily