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how the story should be moving forward

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This is a wall text with plot point from here including the future expansion.

So while dealing with Jormag, Aurene comes to us looking for help she is being feeling very sick for some time.
And thats is very rare because Taimi knows dragons don't get sick. So Taimi uses her magic computer and find out that Aurene is somehow no absorving enough magic which is very strange because all the extra magic ther eis around after defeating the last 2 dragons.

So the detective Mayory investigates the reason of this ocurrence as she is the best for the job, while Kasmeer keeps complaining about MAyory getting involved with such incidents as she believes it would bring only sorrow to Majory. Kasmeer is still hurt and become very cynic about any superbeings after the incidents with balthasar and such.

While all that is happening Braham and Rox are back toghether and keep investigating Jormag and what is that dragon after. Braham in his voyage to maturity found some book, scroll or paint in a cave walls about some profecy of a Braham in his quest to defeat a dragon. Braham is determined to kill the dragon and we all know that is bad so the commander send Rox to look after him and keep destiny's edge informed.

Taimi keeps investigating Aurene whom she is not improving while Majory brings some news about her investigation. She found somewhere in some scroll in a Kodan repository about an old legend but very real about something in the heart of the north and well deep into Jormag dominion, an sliver of secrets made of pure ice coming from a chip done to jormag heart done very long time ago. Majory suspects we can use that crystal to know what is going on with Aurene.

Meanwhile Rox slips her mouth while having some nice meal around a warm campfire and tell Braham about the Jormag's sliver of pure ice which makes him decide to go after it to see how to defeat jormag once for all.

Although we don't know exactly where that crystal is, Taimi thanks for a triangulation usign the historical references in the scroll plus some analysis of the scrolls composition is able to pinpoint the exact location of such crytal and send us it's location with is well in the north in a territory well deep into Jormag territory.

Once we arrived there we found out Braham arrived a day before because probably Rox shared the location of the crystal with him. Although arriving early and having time to use the crystal he hasn't figured out how to use it so they are still there. The sliver is inside a of a forgoten Kodan fort which is habitated still by an small group of Norn and Kodan families with the mission of deffending the fort against Jormag minions.

Majory then discovers that is the reason why Jormag was trying to build an army instead consuming the magic, as Jormag knows the sliver is a thread and needs to be retrieved. But the Fortress has been standing for decades and normal minions aren't enough to breach the deffenses.

We consult the crystal, although there aren-t any instructions on how to use it and the habitants of the castle don't know how to use it. After some investigation Taimi teleports to us using Asuran tecnology which allow her to be teleported to a friend, and birngs Aurene to us as it seems Aurene is on her last moments and we need to find the cure urgently.
Taimi analyses the crystal for few moments and share the instructions to operate teh crystal.

Because Taimi shares that info loudly, Braham whom was listening from the next room goes first to operate the crystal and obtain the information he is seeking for. But when we arrive to the crystal room he already left and we get to learn what he has done by Rox whom explain us what Braham is after. We have more urgent matters so we let him be for the moment.

The instructions from the crytal are clear, Aurene has some kind of parasitic infection and the only way to purge it is to feed the crystal to her. So we do that.
Aurene recovers almos immediatly. The magic placed in that sliver was of a great power and seems to help her almost instantly. We all cheer and everything seems good. We congratulate Taimi for her smarts and high intelligence. Kasmeer calls Majory to apologize for not supporting her and tells her she is on her way to that fortress so they can be toghether and stop drifting appart.

Then Aurene faints and fall to the ground. We don't know what is going on and are a little bit scared, not too much thou. We ask Taimi what is going on which she responds with an shrug.
After some panic moments Aurene open her eyes, she seems to be fine, maybe something related to the ice crytal. The Aurene says she is fine and proceed to explain to us what was that.

While Aurene is talking sudendly an arm burst thru her chest, Alien style. Dragons don't bleed but thru the wound rainbows come out inundating the room. Another hand shows up, what appears to be an human hand, shows up doing the hole bigger and making the room brigthen witht he rainbow effect from Aurene´s wound. She has an an face of astonishment as she seems not to understand what is going on.
Then both arms open up ripping Aurene apart. We obserse with an horrified face what seems to be another dead dragon and our friend. And Palawa Joko standing where our friend was.
Joko looks around a bit and we can't be sure if he look at us with despise or laughing. After a few seconds of terrible silence he says while looking at what could be Aurene remains "And that's why you don't eat anything you see lying on the ground without chewing it good first.... Bad dragon! Bad Dragon!".

So after that there is no much to say we decide to kill him, kill him forgood this time. No more resurrections no more "And look, I'm back!". We use all the mighty strength of the Dragon's Watch Guild. Kasmmer just arrive in time to say to Majory about how she was right and this was a fools errand.
Just moments before we are able to finish Joko, he ask for a parlé. He claims during his time gestating within the dragon he got time to absorv some knowledge about the world. He knows the fact we lost Aurene will have consecuences in the his world of Tyria and Joko would like to keep it in a good condition. So he offers to help us to balance the magic without the need of dragons in exchange for sparing his life.

We consult with our guild. Some are keen into deleteing this character from the story like Rytlock, others like Taimi are more lenient towards listening to him. At the end we decide to listen as he seems to have the only way to save Tyria.

Meanwhile the absurd extra amount of magic manages to wake Primordius and makes Jormag more talkative but less coherent, we listen his whispers almost continiusly now. Sometimes it makes sense other it doesn't. Like sometimes Jormag just think at loud and we can hear those thoughts. It doesn't look good, two ancient dragons almost on the edge of madness.

Both Dragons start a fight for the magic on Tyria, Primordius's destroyers clash against Jormag's Icebrood while devastating the landscape. And if that wasn't enough Steve, the bubbles dragon sends his minions to Tyria as well mounted on a massive Tsunami which sinks Lions Arch and other locations transforming Lion's Arch into city in big boat connected by birdges in the middle of a sea.

Joko explain to us than before facing those dragons we need first to setup anchors around the world to keep the magic from overflowing onto the living beings, Those piramids would allow to focus the magic flow between them like in a river keeping the most of it from impregnating other creatures. The trick is those piramids need to cover an area big enough so the concentration of magic is diluted by the distance and need to be design as a wheel so the flow it's always in an eternal cycle.
Joko will use his forces to build them but we will need to negociate with the different leaders to be allowed to build them without any conflict.

We need to travel to different places very far appart one from each other. We need to go to the heart of the north and to the deep south. We need to visit the depths where the dwarves are supposed to be as we need to put one tower where there is a civilitation .

While we are doing all that Braham decided to go for the kill. He and his guild goes to the heart of the north where Jormag's heart is. After a dramatic fight he wins and kills Jormag but at a very hefty price. Rox and most of his guild is lost and he himself has become an Icebrood because of the continous exposure to Jormag. The dragon is no more so he retain his free will but he has become what he hates so becomes a moody and very quiet individual with a lot of baggage. The dead of Jormag creates a magical wave which can be felt in every corner of the world.

Meanwhile we travelling to the earths core to contact whatever remains of the Dwarves, after some travelling we arrive to their main city very deep in the earth. After the dead of King Ironhammer at the hands of the Great Destroyer while ending the criature, the dwarves have a growning civilitation. Not motivated to keep a full war against the destroyers anymore and Primordious being sleep for hundreds of years the focus into their culture and trying to reverse the Rite of the Great Dwarf so they can become of meat and bones again.

But now Primordious is awaken and very active, the cidatel is under siege so the dwarves whom usually would not accept or welcome our visit, welcome us to join them in the fight. We help them protect the cidatel and convince them to allow us to build a tower of the magic flow in their dominion. But in exchange they ask us to end Primordius. which we are not sure we can accept because of the consequences of doing so.

Just in that moment for no reason, Taimi contact us to inform us the already built towers are working very well and normalicing the magic flow. In fact they are working so well it could even stand the dead of another dragon. Then we ask her about if it's really safe to do it so and she confirms with a 100% certantly that one aditional dead dragon would be fine.
So after those reassuring worlds we accept the mission. But nobody knows how to defeat teh dragon not even the dwarves.

Then we turn to Majory to do her detective thing to investigate around. She agrees but this time Kasmeer joins her to make sure nothing bad happens. Majory then travels thru the earth depths visiting old abandoned bastions and ruins looking for the answers which she finds burried in an old library in the middle of nowhere. In those stone tablets it's the story about a dwarven company which exploring the depths core finds something strange. in the middle of a fluctuating lava sea the found a fountain which not only flow out lava like if it would be water filling the surrounding caverns but also have hundredrs of leylines coming out from it bright as the sun with flowing magic.

Majory inform us about he discovery and we decide that is a good point to start. But we don't know where it is or how to stop it. Fortunately Taimi was listening to us thru the radio communicators so she explain to us that with the information Majory sent her she already knows where the lava fountain is. Using a remote analisys of the tablet composition plus the vage information provided by the report she is able to pinpoint the exact location of the fountain. And also using some advance statitic model of the movements of the Tyria core she is able to provide us with an 100% accurate possible route to that spot.

We decide to go on the spot, there is no time to lose we still have many places to go. The travel is dangerous as the destroyers are frency and very hostile but we arrive safetly to the place. It is a massive cavern with a sea of lava and in the center, with no apparently way to reach it and island with the fountain on the center. Multiple rivers of lava flow from that fountain and hundresds of leylines converge on that point illuminating the area with a ghostly light.
We don't know how to access the island, it is too far away to try to cross it an we can't build a bridge as we are constantly fighting waves of destroyers. After a while and just as we are going to turn around and return to the cidatel Taimi teleport to her friends and tell us she got the solution. She has build a set of lava-resistant golems we can use to cross the sea of lava which she offer us.

Once we arrvie to the island and safetely on the shore we congratulate Taimi, we feel so relieve we have her as friend as she always has the best solutions. We totally forgot about the incident with Aurene and we believe Taimi can do no worng.
We study the lava fount luckily this island seems to be desserted of hostile criatures so we can set camp and study the area. We need to find a way to shut it down, to stop the flow of magic. Explorign the island gives no answers, it's just a rocky prominent with a probable origins from the cooling lava coming from the geiser.
When we return to camp Taimi is waiting for us. She explains she knows how to stop the magic and disrrupt the flow, using one of her lava-resistant golems.
She will pilot the golem to place an explosive charge in the center of the sink, so when it explodes would bury the geiser. Because it's in a lava pool it would not be dangerous for us as the explosion would not be strong enough to blow up outside the lava pool.

But she has to do it as the explosive has to be carefully manipulated in those enviroments. We are relucant as Taimi is the most valuable member of our team and we don't want to put her in risk but she insist is 100% safe. We don't have any reason to doubt her so we accept her plan.

Taimi mounts in her Golem and grabs the explosive device she just created using her tools and materials. Just when she step on the lava pool the cavern shakes in it's entirity, something is not right. Taimi keeps going and in that moment hordes of destroyers come to us. We have to deffend the position while Taimi finish her mission.
The fight is hard and very dramatic, with some moment where Majory is injured and Kasmeer rescue her teleporting both to saftely. Rytlock is not happy at all as all this fire is leaving him like a hairless big cat.
After some very tense moments Taimi resurfaces from the lava pool, she is ok and the charge is placed. She gets to the shore and activate the device. We can hear a muted boom and a magma bubble rise up and explodes without much spilling. Nothing happens after that but Taimi is ecstatic so we keep looking. After a few moments we can see how the magic stopped flowing to that point, the leylines are dissapearing, vanishing into the thin air.

A deep rumble is heard all accross the depth followed but a tremor. The tremor is strong but not stong enough to casue any rockslide or any collapse. The rumble continuous for a while and the tremors keep happening in waves. The destroyers stop attacking and fall back leaving us all alone in the island.
The tremors have more and more space between them like they are slowing down. The rumble sounds more faint every time like it's fading.

"We are suffocating Primordius!" Taimi exclaims breaking the monotony of the cavern noise. We look to each other and congratulate Taimi for her very good idea and execution. We keep cheering while the rumble fades and finaly stop. There is silence now.
We are celebrating, there is one less dragon in the world and we are closer to save Tyria. Then a massive shockwave happens. This shockwave is not natural as we are deep into the ground but it shakes everything around us. It brings a cold as ice wind with it which chill all of us to the bone. The shockwave goes across the camp destroying everything on it's path including what is left of the golems. We ask to each other what could have caused that.
Then we heard the scream, Taimi whom was yet in the golem ha been pushed to the center of the pool and she is sinking. The shockwave has damaged the golem and it can't move anymore. She is sinking into the lava depths and we can do nothing to help her. Although the golem would protect her from the lava for while she will definitely suffocate in there. We won't be able to return here in time to save her.
She talk to us using the radio communicators for a while, while we are trying to figure out a way to save her. After a while the communication stops and and we weep for our lost friend.

This has been a very hard journey, we already lost 2 friends on our quest to save Tyria, how many more will be lost.

When we return to the surface we meet with Joko, we need to know what was that. We can find him screaming to his workers in the construction site of the newest tower in Vabbi. Joko seems stressed something we are not used to see on him.
"Well you couldn't help your selves i see... I told you to wait until the towers were build to start the dragon hunt season but you couldn't wait" Joko says while looking at us with an very displeased look.
"It was something we had to do to if we wanted to gain the Dwarven favor" We explain confident we did the right thing in this case.

Then Joko explain to us that apparently Jormag has been killed as well and that amount of energy can't be handled by the towers just yet, we need to build more to be able to keep the magic from ripping apart our reality. He explain this not like he cares about the World's fate but more like we broke his favorite toy. He then sarcasticly proceeds to explain to us we will need to go to Cantha to expedite the contruction of the towers and this time "Do please do not go near the last dragon... If you see Bubbles around just try to distract yourselves with the local architecture or cousine... Please"

On our travels to Cantha we can see the effects of so much magic flowing thru the world, the reality is been broken and the veil between this reality and the mists is fading. Pockets of the mist are happening and conflicts long time fought are coming back to life.
That was to be expected as we saw it happen before. What we did not expect is to see tears in the fabric of our reality opening portals to another realms like the Realm of Torment. Horrific creatures cross those portals and they can't be closed, so the different kingdoms fight the abominations comming thru until the portal closes back.

At last we arrive to Cantha. We have teh mission to convice the local goberment to allow us to build a massive construction in the center of their kingdom while trying to discover a way to kill the last dragon Bubbles. All that while enjoiying the local architecture or local couisine and trying not to kill the last dragon before all the towers are built from an unlikely ally whom we don't trust and have some suspicions of him not being fully straightfoward.
We still mourn our friends lost and fighting against the horrors from the Realm of Torment. And on top of that we are joined by an Icebrood Braham who carry the baggage of knowing because of him Taimi and Rox are gone.

This promises to be fun.


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    How about aurene is sick and then turns green and finally looks like an undead dragon. And then gags a little and grows extra heads from its mouth, like zaithan. Not so lustrous now, eh? Hah.

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    Aurene and the Commander with definitely be in the story.

    weathering's everything

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    @Psientist.6437 said:
    Aurene and the Commander with definitely be in the story.

    For a little while, yes.