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Room Seventeen[RsT] Hardcore Raiding Guild

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Room Seventeen[RsT] Recruitment

Recruitment Status: Open

Hello Everyone!

About us

We are a hardcore raiding guild born out of a core that has raided since release. Our raiding activities include lowmans, speedkills and a lot of testing. Besides raids, we currently do a lot of fractals. You might have seen us selling the Shattered Observatory CM. We sold several Archdesigners and a bunch of LNHB as a group of 3 since the release of the new fractal. With the new expansion around the corner, we're looking for a few more highly skilled players.

Raid Times

We raid at 7pm UK Time. Sponteanous raids and lowmans at any given time are possible and organized by the members participating in them.

Current Recruitments

You will find below, the amount of people we are currently looking for in each profession. As long as a Status is [OPEN] we encourage you to trial for the position as we are most likely to accept more than the amounted people if you meet our standards.

[OPEN] Mesmers:1
[OPEN] Rangers: 1
[CLOSED] Warriors: 0
[CLOSED] Elementalists: 2

Currently on Trial: 3 (2 Elementalists, 1 Mesmer)

On Youtube

You can find some of our weekly clears, kills and other stuff below.







General Requirements

  • Excellent knowledge of raids and the professions you play as
  • Positive attitude, always be willing to improve and able to take/share criticism
  • Willingness to adjust gear due to meta changes or testing purposes
  • Willingness and time to raid multiple times (min. 2 times) a week
  • Be able to use Teamspeak/Discord

Profession Requirements

We require you to have 2 properly geared professions. You can find a selection below.

Mandatory Professions
Minimum Requirement: 1

  • [CLOSED] Elementalist ScWh + Arcane/Regular Staff + FA Staff
  • Mesmer Low Toughness + VG Tanking Gear
  • Ranger Condition Ranger, Condition + Healing Druid
  • [CLOSED] Warrior Power PS+Condition PS

Fill your second profession if needed. Some may count as 50% of a Profession(50%), which means they require another profession of this section.

  • Condition DPS Warrior
  • Condition Elementalist (50%)
  • Condition Mesmer (50%)
  • Condition Ranger (50%)
  • Condition Thief
  • Engineer Condition
  • Guardian Gs+ScT
  • Necromancer Condition Gs+ScD
  • Revenant Kiter + Condition
  • Thief Staff Daredevil + Dagger/Dagger Thief

These 2 professions are only important for the trial. We will, of course, let you practice or play your other geared professions.


If we accept your application, your trial will be held as follows:

Your Trial

Golem DPS and Rotation presentation

  • Fail -> Trial Ends We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
  • Pass -> Raid Trial You have convinced us to take you further.

Raid Boss mechanics, personal performance and party play

  • Fail -> Trial Ends We apologize but you aren't quite there yet.
  • Partial Pass -> Partially Accepted We are willing to give you a trial period of 3 weeks.
  • Pass -> Accepted If you liked us as well, we'd be happy to have you.


Interested in joining? You can find our application form here:

Please hold an API Key or a gw2efficiency link.


If you have any questions feel free to message any of the following names ingame or leave us a mail!

Thanks and happy raiding!



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