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Legendary Sigils

Luc de Lanzac.2160Luc de Lanzac.2160 Member ✭✭
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I have 3 sigils equipped on 1 template slot "A" (all legi sigils only being used on legi weapon) and 4 sigils on another template slot "B" (again all legi sigils only used on legi weapon). On "B" i would occasionally switch the 2 handed weapon that has 2 legendary sigils equipped with an ascended weapon. obviously the 2 handed legendary weapon would lose the chosen stats and sigils and infusions. so far so good. however it automatically also removed equipped legendary sigils on template "A" of one of the 2 weapon sets while i wasnt modifying "A" at all.
so, lets say the 2 sigils on "B" where i occasionally swap to yet unequipped weapons would not be used on any other template, it would totally make sense that the sigils land in the inventory. but why does it unequip legendary sigils of another template that i wasnt modifying?
what makes it even more weird: while trying to fix it, ive put 2 legi sigils in my bank, so they dont appear in my inventory yet. the other 2 were used on "A" on a 2 handed legi weapon, and the same that i used on "A" on the 2 handed legi weapon, used to equip exactly those, on "B" on the 2 handed weapon that i unequip sometimes. after that, i took the remaining 2 sigils of my bank, to make sure to use those 2 sigils seperatly. okay so i try it out, i unequip on "B", and it throws off sigils of "A" that are not the same sigils being used as on "B".
also ive checked other templates of mine that have just 1 sigil equipped, lets call them "C" and "D", those sigils are still where they are supposed to be.

i know this is a bit confusing, but if anyone understands it :D and maybe had the same problem, i would be greatful for help, in case im overseeing something. or if this is a known bug.

thank you!


  • This happen to me too, and I thought it was just with me because no one understand my problem. Is there any solution?