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Arenanet should Create a server in Brazil ?

Im a Brazilian guy and i see many Brazilian players in this game and here we have like 150 - 300 ping all the time and PvP for us is just a headache !!! How many Brazilians need to vote here to make a new server in Brazil, so we can do PvP like the Gods do.

Arenanet should Create a server in Brazil ? 21 votes

Make a server in Brasil !!!
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I don't care. U gonna play with 150 - 300 ping for more 7 years !
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    We just need better world wide connections

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    Make a server in Brasil !!!

    Yes we need. Its not ok if the whole southamerican continent plays on the only spanish server, because they dont like the americans

  • Make a server in Brasil !!!

    I'm European but I didn't know that Gw2 didn't have South American server ! It sounds logical that you should have at least one !

  • Make a server in Brasil !!!

    I create this Poll here cause PvP is the most unbalanced thing to do with SA connection. But when i go to Raids, fractals o something like that, people call me "dumb" or "kitten". I don't blame then, cause the game they are playing is really different from mine. I can't dodge all the AoE on bosses and can't do some mechanics well with my "all time delay" and im sorry for this but that's my reality.

  • Make a server in Brasil !!!

    Please do it ANet!!!!

  • Make a server in Brasil !!!

    Cara seria realmente incrivel poder não ter tanto atraso para jogar de forma competitiva!