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Intermittent game pause

Once in while, my game pauses for like 100 microseconds before resuming again. This happens at low graphics settings as well. Feels like it's caching (maybe a terrain or texture file) or loading something (like a graphics driver reset). Saw a few threads around the subject. Tried things like reinstalling. Nothing seems to work. It's frustrating when you miss a jumping puzzle step because of such pause. What could be the issue?

I have 3.4 GHz Intel CPU. Graphics card is 1070 GTX. Memory is 8 GB. I am running the 64-bit DX12 version of the game in Windows 10.


  • jwaz.1908jwaz.1908 Member ✭✭✭

    Sounds like server lag, which has been an issue for quite some time now in a variety of maps.

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  • Yeah, it's getting really bad now.. EU servers apparently seem struck most hard. LS4 and PoF maps are rapidly becoming unplayable.

    I've spent a few hours in Jahai Bluffs now and game just keeps hanging and throwing all kinds of lag at me, suddenly I skip to somewhere else, suddenly I'm dead by some mob that wasn't even there.

    Server techs REALLY need to up their game and sort out the performance issues!

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  • VAHNeunzehnsechundsiebzig.3618VAHNeunzehnsechundsiebzig.3618 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 13, 2020

    sure that your box is not overheating and throttling?

    also 8gb isnt that much today. Maybe your system is hitting swap. That REALLY screws over any kind of interactive experience.