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Living Season 4 Areas are unplayable.

There is an enormous lag at the entire Living Season 4 map pool including every single area you step into EVEN in story mode.
The monsters around you hit you constantly and half of the skills are not even working due to delays.Damage count starts at the middle of the skill cast and even though i'm trying so hard to avoid all these projectiles,i keep getting downed without being able to heal due to enormous lags.
What's going on with this problem? I bought both Living Season 3 and 4 and i can't play what i BOUGHT to play.
What is happening? Why does it still exist after 2-3 weeks people complain about it?


  • Its not just ls4 maps i had this in orr, every ls3 map and fractals and starting areas

  • I never had this problem in fractals or the starting areas.Since i completed Orr a long time ago i never visited the entire area again. Living Season 3 doesn't lag as much as LS 4 does.LS 4 areas are ridiculous compared to LS 3 Lagging....