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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again



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    • I would like to see a Raptor Mount skin with a Tophat and a Monocle.
    • A party Springer Mount might be nice, where it has the typical party hat (cone shaped) and one of those party whistles (where when you blow into it, it inflates and unrolls) which it blows every time you use the attack/dismount skill.
    • A mini Shashoo with an Admiral Hat would also be nice.
    • A home instance Choya-pinata where you smash it daily to get fruit like bananas, mango, strawberries, melons, etc.
  • I made an extremely accurate (theoretical) chart on how adding Braham's Wolf Mask would affect your Gemstore sales.


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    Can we please get some furs and or druid/barbarian type armor skin, Id prefer it not to be an outfit but if it has to be then I guess why not..
    I feel like we have enough of the anime/ butt-capes trope and have yet to get anything to fill this role, it would look really good with the norn/charr and could really give this race an outfit/armor set of skins (please do the transmog set) that screams them all over it.

  • Ancient armor skins.

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    Fire hydrant pet with hose staff skin to tackle Path of Fire B)

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    lemac (backwards :s ) mount transmutation for current raptor.

  • Can you add the assassin obsidian armor from Guild Wars 1?

  • Can the Jormag Dye Kit be brought back into gem store shop?
    I wasn't active when it was here and missed it =(((

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    @Bathos.6341 said:
    The silver Eagle armour from Eye of the North would be great, that was my all time favorite armour from GW1. 288px-Warrior_Silver_Eagle_armor_m.jpg

    just generally more gw1 sets, especially Eye of the North ones. And now would be a good time for some of the elona ones from Nightfall

  • I would love to see the cat ears come back! Just coming back to the game and completely missed out on those.

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    @Brown Fang Thump.9482 said:
    Ambient Creature Converter

    Item that tallies the amount of each type of ambient creature killed or collected and rewards a common material for reaching a threshold. Perhaps it doesn't reward materials; but, it evolves an Indiscriminate Slayer head piece akin to the llama evolution cycle.

    I love this idea. I really miss the ambient killer daily tasks.
    I would also love to have an achievement for killing Moa's. I feel that I have gotten enough that by this time I should have at least a moa boa of every color to decorate my home instance.

    Edit: I have to add that almost all of my Moa kills have been initiated accidentally and it became a fight for my life. I will never forget the first time my newbie Asura Engineer got taken out by the three Moa's that roam in front of the heart at Obscura Incline. My first use of Static Shot bounce out of control and lead to a massacre and a life long mutual animosity. That was pre-play launch day and of all of the things that happened that first session playing, this is one that has molded my play style significantly.

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    I would like to have a map unlock that opens all of the map areas within PvE regions. I don't want something that auto-completes maps, just uncovers everything. Also, this should only be available if an account has at least one character that has uncovered 100% of that region.

    I know that there are at least a few people who use uncovering map regions to help level alts and that would still be an option. I have really gotten tired of running over sections of maps with alts just to see if there was something there that I need to hit to get world completion.

    Currently attempting all Legendary Journey collections at once.

  • Gather suggestions of items that u wish return to gem store here, instead of putting suggestions of old items where suggestions for new items are. Easier to keep things apart that way.

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    can not delete this posting and have noting to add to this topic good bye

  • That is for what IS brought back, not for what ppl wish to be broght back.

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    That post is for what IS brought back, not for what ppl wish to bring back.

  • I would like a wvw transfer ticket to be gift-able in the gem store.

  • I would love to see the mini storm trooper outfits worn by Diessa's Krewe in the fractals area. I want one for my asura engineer

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    2. If is doesn't move, hit it until it moves and then kill it.
    3. If it still doesn't move it must be a rock so smash it!

  • @AegisRunestone.8672 said:
    I suggested this in the old forums:

    Memory of Lion's Arch Pass: Takes you back to Lion's Arch before Scarlet destroyed it. Since it has the Forge, all crafting stations, etc. it would be a perfect pass.

    ^^ This right here is the best thing I have read, I miss the old LA.

  • @iqvalentin.4381 said:
    Unicorn mount skin. Rainbows and everything. Extra points if it has cool Dreamer-like sounds.

    Also this ^^

  • A Quaggan standard bearer minipet that carries a standard with your guild emblem on it.

  • Almost any armor sets from GW1 like ALL of them would be lovely. They can even make it part of the story in a way. Like finding an ancient vault full of armors we have to "quest" find.

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  • @hmsgoddess.3869 said:
    Almost any armor sets from GW1 like ALL of them would be lovely. They can even make it part of the story in a way. Like finding an ancient vault full of armors we have to "quest" find.

    I really miss the armor my Thief wore in GW1. It was sort of like a tight Catwoman suit with daggers all over it.

  • Still looking for the Strider's Medium Armor Set, and would also like to see the Vine-Touched Destroyer Glider returned as well.

  • That is for suggestion of NEW items - not returning ones. Annoying to have those mixad.

  • Hi Gaile! Thanks the suggestion thread.

    Rather than offering suggestions for future gemstore items, I would like to know if the Mask of the Wanderer could return to the gemstore.

    I need it to complete my Spellbreaker's desert look and the one time I look to see if it's available, it's not :(

    Thanks :3

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    A means of bypassing all crafting requirements for ascended tier gear.

  • The ability to purchase a guild name change. Say 2k gems once a year

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  • There are so much armor and weapon skins which fit perfectly on other races, but sylvari is the most forgotten race when it comes to outfits, armors and weapons. Could we please get some more of those skins?
    I know you know that there are players who love to roleplay and also those whom are dedicated to Sylvari story which says they grow their own weapons and clothes/armor on em rather than wear leather or steel on em.

    There is also only ONE legendary weapon which is flower and vines - Kudzu - but then there are a handful of those which doesn't really fit on Sylvari, why? Well you tell me...
    When Heart of Thorns was released I was hoping more Sylvari related armors, weapons and much more - but we only got a few which I can mention of - Aetherpath fractal weapon skins, glitter skins..... but armors? Like one of em? I wanna see more, so please.. make it happen would ya? <3<3

  • It is probably a little too late to get it going now but I think selling a miniature to support hurricane victims would be awesome. Blizzard does a similar thing with pets in wow. I know I can just give money to Red Cross or another organization but I think it would be cool to do that through ArenaNet. Maybe this could be setup for disasters in the future or just giving to a cause. Like an obnoxiously pink outfit during support breast cancer month. We don't have to follow Blizzard and stick with miniatures. It could be tonics or a toy, anything really.

  • Really want to get the Foefire Gauntlets back in the store, I missed them the first time and think they look awesome!

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    I think the Sticky is for all suggestions for Gem Store items. Just like in the old forums.

  • In the old forums they also had a sticky thread just for OLD RETURNING items.... it was added later though.

  • So they did. I've never followed any of them, so not really familiar with what was and/or wasn't. I did read a bit of this forum's thread, and saw new and returning items suggested.

  • I really want the Primeval armor skin back. Especially for my warrior in Elona! o.o

  • @Ardid.7203 said:
    Emote Packs:
    Simply put, GW2 has too few emotes. Other MMOs and even GW1 have much much more.
    There are lots and lots of simple animations the players could use, and I know a lot of people would be willing to pay for them. The RP community would be incredibly thankful for these, even if they are gem purchases. The packs can contain 3-4 related animations.


    • Personality focused idle animations (/aloof, /happy, /grumpy, /impatient, /paranoid, /formal, /bored, etc) You can choose one of those when you are simply waiting. They could be linked to professions, races or even gamemodes.
    • /afk. Animation you can activate with /afk or automatically prompted when the user don’t activate any command for a couple of minutes. The animation shows the toon slowly shifting the weight fron one foot to the other, staring at the horizon with blank eyes, the mouth open and drooling…
    • /inventory. Automatic when you spend more than 30 secs on your inventory. The character unpacks and search things in its clothes and bags.
    • Craft related animations, wich kicks in when you are crafting in a station.
    • /applause
    • /yawn
    • /highfive
    • A less exagerated /laugh
    • /timeout or /brb. The character makes the typical “t” gesture with the hands and stands that way for a while. Alternatively, it could make the gesture of looking its watch while impatiently tapping the floor with one foot.
    • /slap. For when the wooing goes wrong.

    So much this ^^


  • Please bring back the Black Feather Wings Backpack and White Feather Wings Backpack. I missed the opportunity to get those and I would love to have them.

  • More customizable armor sets (no outfits) and the opportunity to gift character/bag/bank/storage expander slots to other ppl.

  • A more fancy version of the acolyte mask. (That covers the entire face and leaves the eyes free) Maybe with glowing parts/ differently shaped eye holes/ more decorations around the borders/ new rorschach patterns.

  • How about an invisible glider so I can pretend that I'm a Dragon Ball character

  • I havn't read the whole thread, but i would like to change to color of my skills! It would be awesome to change all the blue effects on my guardian to say red, so that it matches my armor colors and my twilight (Red and Black)

  • Thornwolf.9721Thornwolf.9721 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Can we please get some furs and or druid/barbarian type armor skin, Id prefer it not to be an outfit but if it has to be then I guess why not..
    I feel like we have enough of the anime/ butt-capes trope and have yet to get anything to fill this role, it would look really good with the norn/charr and could really give this race an outfit/armor set of skins (please do the transmog set) that screams them all over it.

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    @Gaile Gray.6029 said:
    Players have shared a number of terrific suggestions for Guild Wars 2 Gem Store items. From outfits that hark back to old Tyria to miniatures that warm the heart, from dye sets that personalize your look to new gliders that make a statement, player ideas have help us expand our Gem Store to include a wide variety of wonderful items.

    If you have a suggestion – or several! – that you’d like to share with the development team about potential Gem Store items, please post them in this continuing thread.

    Thanks for your input!

    But super nice for you folks to actually rotate back in older armor sets like the phoenix, aetherblade ect. It's been over 6 months since the armor skins have changed and there they sit stagnant and forgotten. Honestly it costs nothing but a few moments to swap these back in yet... it just doesn't ever happen. So honestly I'd start there that'd be really really appreciated.

  • I would like to see the Monument armor sets. I always liked them and would like to see them added as armor skins.
    my personal favs
    Ritualist (light armor, I like the blend of the armor and tattoo like design)
    Assassin (medium armor, for the love of gods not ranger i'm tired of 90%+ of medium armors being trench coats....)
    Paragon (heavy armor, since paragons were a big part of the Sunspears which were a major group within Elona, it could be fun to add and maybe inspire some RP)

    I would also like to see more armor sets like the Heroes had in gw1.

    Jora - Brotherhood set (heavy)
    Anton - Deldrimor set (medium)
    Livia - Shining Blade (light)

    There are parts of the armor sets that I would love to mix and match with the current ones i'm using. =D