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Salt on the Wound Achievement - Targeting bugged

I posted about this in the discussion forum, but after trying this achievement 30+ times I believe it's actually bugged.

  • The weak points get out of line of sight too quickly compared to existing videos on YouTube
  • Many shots either miss completely (with a "Miss!" message) or simply have no effect. The former is annoying but can be worked around somewhat; the latter is completely mystifying and makes fine-tuning frustrating.
  • Shots do not always hit the weak spot you targeted. Not sure if this is a bug or intended.

I uploaded a video demonstrating the second point:

In the video, I have my combat log open to make it easier to notice when the shots do damage. As you can see, they have no effect until I've already flown about halfway through the segment. I've ruled out the following theories:

  • I am too close to the target - I ruled this out by trying to target every single weak point, both near and far, at the beginning, and NONE of them can be damaged until I've flown about halfway.
  • The shots take a long time to reach the weak point and thus show up in the combat log - I ruled this out with a different run where I stopped firing after about 5 shots. NO damage at all was caused in that run.

I'd like to request at least a second look at this instance/achievement to see if it's working properly. No other achievement in the game has seemed as broken as this one in terms of the mechanics.


  • I just tried like 10 times and getting nowhere on this ach also my combat log states even though I have it targeted and in my combat bar states no line of sight over and over and over

  • I'm having the exact same issue, I tried at least 10 times tonight on a few different characters and nothing seems to be changing. Most of my shots with Aurene just go straight through Kralky with nothing happening, some say 'Miss!' but rarely. During the first segment I can only seem to hit his head about half way through the flight, then the second fly over I can rarely hit a spot on the first wing, most of the time can hit the shoulders but after you fly across his back I've only ever gotten about two shots off across every try, every weak point is blocked and Aurene just won't fire.

    It's a real bummer, I need one other achievement and one more astral weapon and I'll have the first stage of Vision achievements done and there's no way around this achievement.

  • Hesione.9412Hesione.9412 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I couldn't get this achievement done, either, until I read a comment (somewhere!) that said to only attack the weak points in front of you - focus fire until you get one spraying the purple "blood?". Don't go for the ones behind you. I managed to get it with that strategy. I've also helped a person who couldn't get this achievement by going in with them. They were party leader. If you enter with a party, the party members don't get your skills. Instead, they get a special skill that tremendously buffs the damage that you do. This means that the weak points take fewer hits to damage them sufficiently.

    I also experienced your targetting problem, and I had autotarget on.

    The relatively long recharge rate on the player's skill is frustrating as well. You fly past so many points while the skill is recharging, and you're heavily penalised for being unable to lock onto a weak point.

  • I ended up recruiting another player to help me with this, and we got it on the first try. I did try the "target in front of you" strategy multiple times - in fact, the majority of my runs I did this because it's what people suggested on various threads. I didn't try targeting behind me until I started experimenting after failing dozens of times. Targeting in front helps with the line of sight problem, but not with the excessive "miss" problem.

  • I am having this exact same issue. When I bring someone, they get the "miss" problem as well. I've submitted a bug report.

  • Kherad.4025Kherad.4025 Member ✭✭
    edited September 12, 2020

    I have same problem. After many tries solo and make a two member party with another players, I start to see videos from YouTube to find problem for many fails.
    I found this link in YouTube. Same problem as above, shots not hit weak points and take a long time to reach them, can't hit most spots with 3 or 4 shots on the first wing except one or two and on right wing can't even fire on weak points. Not working like 2019, something going wrong with this achievement.
    link from May 2019:

  • @Voss.9372 said:
    I am having this exact same issue. When I bring someone, they get the "miss" problem as well. I've submitted a bug report.

    Just to update anyone curious, I was able to get the achievement with 1 other person in my party. I still firmly believe it is bugged. Not being able to hit 90% of the weak points is just wrong.

  • I am also having this same problem. On the first phase, it is very difficult to target any of the weak points. On the second phase pretty much all of the attacks say miss.

  • JasonLucas.4981JasonLucas.4981 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 7, 2020

    It is broken, the fires goes in completely different spots that you are targeting or just don't hit anything. Also due the bad achievement design in War Eternal you can't complete the meta achievement which locks you progress on Vision, that is just so awful. Can someone from Anet look at this thread and push it to priority to fix.

    Here is a video of the whole fight, if you compare with the video above it is very clear that there is something wrong with the hit points

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