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Why can't I quit living world season 2?

Why ls2 auto-start when the personal story is finished and I can't quit its episodes without they starting again?
Neither HoT or ls3 auto-start and I can quit them whenever I wish.
I think having the quest mark and objectives showing up on the screen pretty annoying. And hiding personal story on guide content doesn't work cause the quest still there.


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    Have the same problems, I quitted this LS story many times, but it auto-popped up again and again. And gave up finally. A fix would be nice.

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  • Maybe you have to finish the whole thing?

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  • I think it's default, that once you've completed some story in your journal, it will go back to the earliest, unfinished story in your journal and make that active again.

    Kind of like how you can disable the content guide, it would be handy to get some options to disable the various events, personal story, achievement indicators in the HUD.

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  • afaik you can't quit an unfinished ongoing story step.
    you can quit at any point once you've finished it and do repeats for achievements/friends.
    you don't have to start new episodes, so finishing the current episode also quits the story - until you start the next step.