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Request - Allow Achievements on Season 2 First Run on Alts

Heya! So I noticed from Heart of Thorns onward, whenever you do the story on any character, you can get story achievements. I don't remember if you have to run it first on any character on your account or if it just lets you qualify for achievements right away, but regardless, Living World Season 2 requires you to complete each chapter on a character for that specific character to start getting achievements.

Would it be possible to change Living World Season 2 to allow for achievement hunting after one character on an account completes a chapter? I would be okay with a change like this even if, after the change, we'd have to do it one more time without achievements to flag the account.

Thank you so much!


  • Randulf.7614Randulf.7614 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Apparently it isn’t possible. We asked a lot during and after ls2, but they said they couldn’t change it

    I still live in hope though

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  • Solvar.7953Solvar.7953 Member ✭✭✭

    They certainly learned from those comments, as in all the later LS chapters, you can get the achievements on first play through (some missions have contradictory achievements, but it is at least possible to pick those up as you play through on alts).
    I suspect Anet could fix this, but like most of the game, they never go back and fix/improve old content. And in some ways, hard to blame them - I can't see them really making money by fixing this, and it would certainly cost them some effort to do so. All I can really say is that I would not recommend people pay any more for LS2 (though not sure if included in PoF now?), and this would be one of the reasons I would use for why people shouldn't give Anet any money for it.

  • Hannelore.8153Hannelore.8153 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 10, 2020

    Its because you can join other players' story instances for LS2, while you can't on later content without owning it. Requiring a playthrough ensures that you need to own the content in order to get the achievements, instead of just joining an instance.

    The reason its fixed in HoT onward is because the missions take place on exclusive maps, making it physically impossible for another player to enter without also being there first, ensuring that they own the content too.

    Its a leftover relic of LS2 being semi-Core content but also semi-expansion content.

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