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What am I doing wrong with my templates?

I try to create a second template for fashion and when I create one in the second tab in the template, I find that the first tab would be automatically copied and the outfit would be the same in both tabs. How do I keep the fashions unique in their own tabs? I've wasted transmutation charges because of this.


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    The equipment templates are designed to store items with different stats, not for fashion. If you use the same item in each template then it will have the same skin in all of them. If you want each template to have a different appearence then you need to use different items in each one.

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  • Thank you. I tried that with different weapons but the result is the same. Does EVERY component in the build need to be different, or is there only a minimum criteria that must be met?

  • Okay, I experimented and finally understood what you meant. The armor must be completely different pieces and not the same ones altered by transmutation. It's working now =)