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The reasoning in the hp differences

Why is it easier to kill one of the destroyers in public then in personal instance? And then when you choose even just one challenge they don't seem to even take damage for some time? I attacked the same type of destroying in a public instance and it melted. But when I did the instance as a personal one previously, it took me about three times as long to kill the thing.
I then decided to go in and see what it is like to do the challenge mote to get the shooting star mp. After trying once with all challenges up and not even coming close to finishing, let a lone get the mp, I decided to just do one challenge and again pretty much insanely hard. Have you all decide that we don't need the mp's now? Because from my point of view that is what you are trying to imply. With even discounting it is impossible for me to get that one mp in the new episode, you have put mp's behind map wide meta's in maps that I have as yet seen been done since the next episode comes out. So some of my masteries I have simply not gotten. And then the masteries we just get seem to be so I can buy things just so I can get more mp to buy more things. I am a bit confused as to the direction of where all this is going.
P.S. and this is just a comment for those that might comment. Since there is no way to get an email or some kind of notification I can't promise I will even remember to come back and read later when the comments are finally posted online.


  • I agree, despite the 'fix' to Champion HP yesterday the rest of the scaling seems to be incredibly off for solo.

    The insane amount of bursters and damage from regular mobs is already hard enough, but their HP pools are also huge. The Champion itself is ironically fine now, it's just everything else.

  • I play mostly solo and like the easy, pick up nature of GW2 group PvE. I haven't tried public DRMs but I would expect them to be faster and easier than solo. I would be shocked if they weren't. Do think the tuning for solo and group is too different or unneeded?

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    I wish the bosses in my public DRM's would melt. I'm always stuck with the bearbows, heal tempests and mesmer laser swords.