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Serious fps issue

I got a gtx 1080ti with a i7-3820 and my fps are stuck around 50 with lower settings and 30 with highest. With this config I was expecting much better performances, I have no problems to reach 60+ fps in ultra on most recent games. Any idea to fix my fps ?


  • Saiyan.1704Saiyan.1704 Member ✭✭✭

    That's about what I get on my 1080 (non-ti). It's just the old string-code game. It uses more CPU rather than GPU. It's why sometimes when a person upgrades to a higher GPU, the fps can drop. This is because the game uses more CPU to compensate on the increased in-game resolution. Heck... even resolution higher that 1440 doesn't even work.

    Everything said is a GW2 issue. There's ways where disabling cores and/or multi-threads but I don't think that's worth it at all. Try the Lowest setting for Character Animation and Character Textures (anything that says Character). This has improved fps for most people but don't expect anything near 120 fps or higher, GW2 just won't let it happen.

  • Gw2 only use 40/50% of my cpu so I don't think the problem come from that.