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Client Not Downloading Anything

So, I've been having a lot of problems pretty much everyone else has been having with the 0kbs download speeds in regards to PoF. And I've pretty much done everything I can to fix it. I finally took a last resort measure and decided to delete my .dat file and just redownload from scratch. Biggest kitten up in history, because now it just doesn't download the game at all so I can't even screw around in the core world or HoT if I wanted to. Anybody have any suggestions?


  • You can contact the CS Team via the 'Support' link above/below and 'Submit a Ticket' for assistance.
    You can try the other asset servers and ports. You can try a VPN.

    Good luck.

  • Found a free VPN that fixed the problem of not downloading anything, so we'll have to see if this takes it all the way. is the thing I used if anyone else is interested.