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Guild Wars 2 expansion combo

Firstly thanks for a great game and best mmo experience ArenaNet.So i have one question:I bought game long ago and since then i play it like a first day and everytime i log in i have same feeling when i bought it first time,but i did not bought Heart of Thorns expansion and now when you are about releasing second expansion Path of Fire i am thrilled so i am wondering will be some kind of combo or bundle pack Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire to buy both in the same pack/install but in some physical way like in PC shop?Also will there be way after releasing to directly download Guild Wars 2 client but with both Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire for your account in case you can`t install it with your cd/dvd-rom?
Thanks ArenaNet


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    Will there be a combo pack? Yes. It's in the Gem Store and on the Store Page right now. Click the Path of Fire package you want to buy, and the next page has the option to "add Heart of Thorns" for a discounted price.

    Can you download it without a disk? Yes. Everything downloads directly as you boot up the client, and you can download that from this very website, here.

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  • Thanks but i am wondering will i be able to buy in in local PC store like the original Guild Wars 2 not gem store?