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Is support working today?

Bought my self xpack and they gave me cd key for wrong region, "cd key not valid for your region". Been waiting for a support respond for a hour and a half now, thou it seams like years, whats up with that. Are they even working today or will i have to wait for monday ?


  • There is a thread about this issue. There are a lot of us waiting.

  • Aaah I see, thank you.

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    Ouch, no wonder I don't see like 10 or 20 ppl at the same quest spots as me lmao. During HoT launch, it was a lot more populated. I was like... why were there only 1 or 2 ppl passing me by??? Is the map that big that ppl are spread?

    Anet: give us in-game customizable human NPC companion please
    Please, no more balance changes, or at least reset our gears so we don't have to waste gold changing gears every time.
    Please have option to not receive bloodstone dusts, empyreal fragments, dragonite etc

  • Im having the same problem been 12 hours for me

  • Nothing like setting up all your commitments so you can play new xpack trough the whole week and they do this. Waste of our time...