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[MILD SPOILERS] The state of the Pact after LS3 and PoF?

As the title suggests, I am here to ask one or two questions about the state of the Pact after the current events.

I just finished the main storyline of Path of Fire, and I have to admit that I am a little bit puzzled as to why there are only hordes of scholars of the Durmand Priory out there in the desert, but no other Pact forces like the Vigil or agents of the Order of Whispers. For me it looks like the player character, who was established as the "Pact Commander" in the personal story and also fullfilled this role in Heart of Thornes in absence of Marshall Trahearne, totally forgets about the pact, it's troops and reinforcements it could provide in the battle against Balthasar and instead opts-out to tackle the whole situation all by himself with the help of Dragon's Watch, only to later in the story find out that the God of War is not beaten that easily. Heck, we even fly with Ellen Kiel's personal airship to amnoon all by ourselves. In my eyes that doesn't make much sense for someone who is the defacto commander-in-chief of the mightiest military organization Tyria has to offer. This just continues the theme that I got from LS3 when there was little to no presence of Pact forces during the whole storyline.
I know that our player character effectivly "resigned" from the Pact by turning down the offer of being the new marshall and with Logan Thackerey possibly taking this position, but the pact should still co-operate with the player based on the achivements they made together under our lead and with two elder dragons defeated, even if the focus now shifts to saving or better "containing" the beasts as not to cause any more damage to the magical balance.
So, to conclude this introduction, my question is, what is the state of the Pact now? Has it officially disbanded? Are the three orders of Tyria still working losely together? Have the Vigil and the Order of Whispers no interest in the conflict between the player, Balthasar and Kralkatorrik? Or do they still recover after the disastrous events in the maguuma jungle? Or is there even something I missed while rushing trough the desert focused on the main story?


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    The Pact is portrayed as "in recovering" during ls3. Supposedly, still of the casualties that suffered in the fight against Mordremoth. The new marshal, Logan, himself is still wearing bandages. Conveniently for in the LS3 give space to combat small forces like White Mantle, and to be not repetitive, with the Ice and Fire Dragon, if the pact was in full power, they would be organizing an expedition to kill those 2.

    I particularly like the Pact. I like great open-field battles, much better than the "police investigation guys" thing.
    And that is i liked in the PoF, the comander in Field, using the Sohotin, leading the troops to fight Balthazar's troops. There's beauty in it, the beauty of war.

    Needless to say, my favorite part of the Heart of Torns, in terms of immersion, is the meta-event in Dragon Stand, the Pact's final effort to deliver the final blow of the Jungle Dragon. This is greatly underestimated. PoF is this matter is a masterpiece, these guys put their blood on it. Battle between comander, Balthazar, the beast of war, and Kralkatorric amid 2 giant statues of Palawa Joko, this is iconic, that was a touch of genius.

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    As you might recall, the Pact took a mighty hit after taking a large chunk of their airships into the jungle and being struck down near-immediately. Verdant Brink is little more than an airshift graveyard, with only the skritt airship (where did they steal that from, anyway?) making it a bit further to Auric Basin. Approximately one-fifth of the total troops (assuming relatively equal distribution of the major races) turned traitor, which increased the body count of those not hurt in the crash. Zhaitan had already dealt a heavy blow to the Pact in the Personal Story, and Mordremoth did the same after getting spare troops from all the major capitals. The Pact doesn't have many soldiers left, and I suppose they aren't really in any position to challenge anything that isn't a major threat to central Tyria. Plus, we're going to kill Balthazar, not Kralkatorrik. Most of the soldiers signed up to fight a dragon, not a god, and several of the humans are probably objecting to go to fight the God of War. It makes sense they don't have a presence in Elona.
    The Vigil are basically everything the Pact embodies. They are soldiers first, primarily to fend off the dragon minions. Honestly, I'm not sure what they've been up to, short of Almorra's appearance in Episode 1. Not to mention, the reveal in Episode 5 means they may need to re-evaluate their tactics.
    The Order of Whispers is kind of a funny one. They originated in Elona, but it seems there was a split in the order and the Order of Shadows formed. I haven't completed the story yet, and have yet to talk to all the named Shadows members, so I have no idea what this philosophical difference is, but it could've been enough to keep them from doing any official actions in the desert region.
    As for why the Priory are there, that's obvious. The Crystal Desert is a source of a lot of lost lore. Glint had her lair there, it was the last known home of the Forgotten, and Augury Rock is where Ascension is supposed to occur. There's an entire cult gathered in the Elon Riverlands trying to ascend for themselves, and the Brand isn't doing any of them any favours. There's much to study there, lots to learn and bring back, so naturally it would benefit them to fund research in the area.
    Now, are the three factions still working together? That's hard to say. The Pact is definitely still a thing, but it might have become an entity entirely separate from the other three. Or perhaps it completely enveloped the Vigil, and some members of the other two Orders who wanted to take a more active role in dealing with the dragons. Season 4 will probably address some of this, but for now, we've pretty much got speculation to go on.

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    In addition to what's already been said above, in S3E4 we hear rumors that the orders are at each other's throats again, possibly over the Mantle infiltrators in the Priory and Whispers.

    More importantly, though, even at the very end of PoF, the Commander's nearest and dearest aren't sold on the idea that the dragons need to be protected now. How much more difficult is it going to be to win over an entire organization that exists only to kill dragons? Taimi's working on proof, but until she gets that, Dragon's Watch is essentially cut off from most of the resources it can call on.

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  • First of all, thank you guys for your answers.

    I honestly thought that everything you said here might be the case, and digging deeper in all those sidequests and lore that's not directly in the focus of the main story in LS3 reveals that mordremoth had - literaly - a big impact on the pact and that the organization is currently under heavy reconstructing and reforming internally, while in the meantime the three orders do their "business as usual" independently. Let's hope that the Pact makes a big return in LS4, everything else would be very disappointing from ArenaNets side.