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Can't continue history (Can't Create Instance Error: 1042)

Just finished the prev chapter, updated as the game asked and when came back found that problem, any idea what happened?

Chat Displays the message "Instancecreate failed . Error=1042; Product=9; Module=18; Line=687"


  • No response from Devs yet, we've got another thread going with the same code error. Looks like it's for a lot of instance creation. Dungeons, Storylines, etc etc.

  • Good to know is something general, that means it'll be an easier and faster solution. Thanks

  • Also getting this error. About 8 other people standing here having the same thing. Starting the story mission "The Departing"

  • i could join my next history mission for what i think but loading is taking a lot of time

  • Vieux P.1238Vieux P.1238 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Looks like this error issue is all over. For me my story stops at - return to the casino to hear zalambur's information. Cant get into the instance. I'm going to shut off & reload the game see if it works out.

    Winter Nerf is coming!

  • Cannot get into the instance "Blazing a Trail." With this 1042 error. Hope this gets worked out soon.

  • yeah, i was kicked out my story thinking it was solved but is still there

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