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cant log in

well i can log in just cant join any maps just get a gray screen with this message


  • Getting this as well on every character that's not in a POF zone.

  • Krypto.2069Krypto.2069 Member ✭✭✭

    Had a prime opportunity to run some tests in wvw...but alas, it is lost - cannot log in on my soulbeast (or anything else now). :(

    Moonlight [THRU]

  • I can get into a character that was in Hoelbrak. All of my other characters are parked in Lion's Arch and I can't get into any of them.

  • Curo.2483Curo.2483 Member ✭✭
    edited September 24, 2017

    Same error for me, character is in Noble's Folly. Character in Desert Highlands works fine though.

    On my alt account, which doesn't own PoF, I can log in just fine on a character in Lion's Arch.

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