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Portal in to "Sacrifice" is now broken.

It is throwing an "InstanceCreate" error and will not let us in. I'm there with half a dozen people.


  • CMON ANET I know we are having issues but please fix the story. THE SACRIFICE IS STILL GLITCHED. Error is: InstanceCreate failed. Error=42; Product=5; Module=18; Line=393 When trying to execute the story.

  • ty sooo much ANET!!!!!!!!!! its working! THE SACRIFICE is up!!!!!

  • Sobx.1758Sobx.1758 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 24, 2017

    It isn't this particular instance issue, it was the same for (at least PoF) instances in general.

    And I'd wait with all the "thanking" after we see if it's not back during peak hours tomorrow.

  • Still having issues with the instance. Cannot complete the story.

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