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the departing broken beyond hell[spoiler free!]

after the first fight chances to "dc" are 80%-20%. and it takes for ever. imagine doing that 8 times with every time something kitten up making it a complete bore of a fight. then there's the 2nd part where you have to sit through another 5 min of conversation. (also if your guide is still at the first npc and you decide to move on to talk to the second the instance breaks completely) then once you get to the 2nd big fight you will have a incredible hard time if you have hardly any (instant) stuns (any stun with over half a 2nd cast time wont hit in time) + the skill thats basicly a instadown has way to short of a choreography. this seriously is your worst tested instance ever.


  • Took my 5th time to trigger the 1st cinematic. Before that i would dc when i got boss to 10%

  • THIS. This is exactly happening to me now. I got through the first first fight, then after all the boring dialogue I also beat the second fight, that's where I d/c'd the first time, super frustrating. Now I think it's been about 10 times I've done the first fight, d/c'ing every single time I finish it, whenever the cutscene would've happened it just doesn't, I just stand there awkwardly for about 15 seconds before d/c'ing. This is literally 100% blocking progress, a lot of my friends are already finished with the story or are close, and here I am stuck only able to sit on my hands and try this dumb fight, again. Only for it to not work, again.

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