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Missing in game items after buying Ultimate edition.

I bought the ultimate edition, I have not recieved my gems, level 80 boost or any of the other ingame items promised. I have submitted a ticked 4 days ago. How long does it take to get this sort of thing resolved?

Has anyone else had this issue? I have tried reapplying the serial code that came with my game, but it says it's already activated.


  • gems can take up to 3 days before you get them. Support is rather bussy atm i think so it could take longer then normal for them to respond to your ticket.

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    It even says on the purchase page-- up to 72 hrs. As inno said support is busy ( I would say they are overwhelmed rather than busy) and it will take longer.

  • I know it says 72 hours...I bought the edition Wed. Sept 20th.

  • ANet has the ability to verify an account purchase as valid via multi-factor authentication using the account holder's email and cell phone number. I have to verify my account isn't hacked this way when ever I try to log into a new i.p. address. The idea that they restrict delivery of your full purchase as a way to reduce fraud or identify a hacked account is absurd. They can just require a returning player to reenter their credit card information, rather than using saved info, upon purchase of something like the Ultimate Edition. They could just require you to verify your identity through a triggering of the multi-factor authorization system in order to lift a temporary hold on your account. They could even just put gold transfer restrictions on your account for 72 hours, so you could still buy items from the gem store, but would be unable to convert the gems to gold to transfer said gold to a gold seller account.

    One of the benefits of a new expansion is the ability to attract old players who have left the game back to give the game and the expansion a new chance to make a lost player back into a regular player. Being met on return by this bogus restriction is horrible from a business perspective.

    BTW, I've been told by Customer service that even though I can positively prove my identity with all the required information and even my original product key from launch, they can't mark me as verified and provide me with what I paid for.

    I've never seen a company go so out of it's way to tick off paying customers so needlessly.

  • I started playing with a free account and got the "4 days before we can authenticate you" message when I tried to buy stuff to upgrade my char. So I purchased the ultimate edition thinking that would make a difference. Nope. Still can't trade, and I still haven't received my Black Lion chest keys I paid an additional $6 for.

    I wonder if the issue is because I started playing with a free account before I upgraded.

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