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Chef Mastery bad design

First off don't get me wrong the Chef mission isn't the problem, it's the fact that you have to wait precious moments for him to tell you the ingredient. And this is the bad design, I've never played a single event in this game were the desired item needed isn't in text above the character. I would have zero complaint if the item name appeared above the character, this would greatly improve the experience.


  • Do you play with the audio off...?
    Besides, doesn't he say which ingredients he needs with text? And you can always turn on the NPC chat log. If you mean how he doesn't explicitly state only the name of what he requires, it's just so that he can throw you a curveball by adding in some additional fluff, make it a bit more difficult.

    I don't think it was badly designed, as aside from latency, there should be nothing stopping you from completing it with relative ease after a bit of attention and persistence, as a challenge should require no matter how minor.

  • His text does appear above his head, and he immediately spouts off with another ingredient as soon as you give him the one he wanted.

    I found that it was irritating that if he was moving, even if he's inside the radius of your throw, it doesn't always count and you have to do it again.

    Some suggestions? Scout out the room before you engage him, because all those food items are usable. Then, when he's giving you directions, just rotate your camera to get a quick glance at all the item names. You could even just take a minute to familiarize yourself with where they are and start it again. I completed it my first go, and definitely felt a sense of urgency that stressed me out. LOL. XD

  • I would have :+1: the post if it had been phrased as simple suggestion, "I would prefer that the required ingredient is visible, perhaps over the chef's head as a name or icon." But I can't agree that this means that the design is bad. It's arguably whether it's even necessary, since so many people have completed it and most of the complaints have been about the time, the aiming, and the fact that ingredients can be body blocked.

    In short, just because the OP would prefer it to be different doesn't mean the current design is bad.

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  • For the record I did complete it. It was just really frustrating checking the chat log to figure out which item he was asking for. Oh and on some items the description he gives requires a lot of interpretation. I don't mind the difficulty, just that no description is given to the character like in normal fetch events.