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Hunting Vinetooth Prime

Hi this is my first post here. I'm looking for a group of people that would help me do the Ruins of Eastwatch Events in Auric Basin and hunt Vinetooth Prime. I had been waiting and asking people to help me for like 4 days and no one seemed to care.

I am on NA server and I will be waiting at 3:15pm server time everyday for 1hour at the Eastwatch WP in AB until I finally kill that thing. My game ID is daath.1725 you can add me and whisper me if you want to join me in the hunt. Looking forward to seeing you :).


  • Hello,

    if I may suggest - just join some organized event group (pre-META EAST for e.g) via LFG Tool. Vinetooth Prime requires quite a party to kill as it is a legendary, it may be indeed hard to finish with couple of people you grab off forums. Pre-META organized squads kill it every time, at least they did when I joined em.

  • Problem is everyone is off to PoF now so basically no one is doing the meta lol