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What profession works best with story?

For example, I would say that revenant is not fitting story wise but it is combat wise. Some of the skills make my character feel very special, and I have the unique power of the mist. However, rytlok has the same power so it seems less unique when pertaining to the story. I hope you guys get what I mean. I basically want a character that feels unique and special. I think melee combat fits better than ranged. Any thoughts? I'm thinking reaper (scythe/shroud), chronomancer(time), berseker (rage), spellbreaker (negate magic).


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    I don't feel like any of the classes are "fitting", if I get your meaning. Aside from Rytlock, Kasmeer and Canach, we don't pick up any new party members for the fights. And in the new zones, somewhere, there is someone using the new special elites. Play the class you're best with, that you have the most fun with, or just the combination you really wanna try.

  • Are you asking which profession feels the most heroic? The most like a main protagonist? I have my own thoughts on that, but they aren't really worth much because what I suppose you are asking for is so very subjective.