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Please Nerf the Chef!!!



  • This one drove me nuts during the test phase... and a friend of mine tried it at the same time and got so frustrated she gave up on it completely. I finally got it after about two straight hours of trying.... I've been playing with it off and on since launch, and finally managed it earlier today after multiple tries. But the interesting thing was when I finally succeeded, the last dialogue was "That's not what I asked for" even though it was the right item and did hit him correctly, but it still gave me the MP. So I think it might be a bit buggy still. And I'm sorry to everyone who likes it - I did it out of stubborness but absolutely hated it.

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    @Cleopatra.4068 said:

    It took me about 15 tries to get it. My "advice" would be to play it until he asks for stuff near him a bunch of times in a row. Play it enough times and he will. People who say they finished it in the first couple tries probably got lucky with the rng. I think they could definitely tone the timer down a smidge. It's a novelty one off mini-game that I would have found fun if the timer hadn't been so fast. Instead it was just annoying. I cannot imagine how infuriating it would be to try and play it as a second language.

    This. Seems like he keeps asking for things on opposite sides of the room, and I run out of time. Oh well; will get it eventually. A few more seconds on the timer wouldn't hurt.

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    I just did this, it took me a few attempts to remember where all the ingredients are. My suggestions:

    • mark him with ctrl+leftclick, the red cross is easier to locate.
    • enable speech bubbles, because you can read faster than he talks, this nets you 1 or 2 more seconds to locate the needed ingredient
    • do not throw at him when he walks
    • it's better to go one or two steps further to get into an obstacle-free line of sight than throwing the ingredient into a table and having to pick it up again
    • don't give up :)
  • got it in like 4 tries, stick with it, you'll get it

  • exactly why i was going to wait till everyone cried that it was too hard

  • The chef doesn't need to be nerfed, it needs to be turned into an adventure with silver ranking awarding the mastery point. This way people that enjoyed the chef can also replay it.

  • @Oldirtbeard.9834 said:

    @Assic.2746 said:
    Whoa... this must be a joke. People complain already instead of learning where the certain ingredients are.

    Tip: Avoid throwing food through the obstacles (tables etc) or the throw will most likely fail. It's not a bug. It's designed this way.

    I know where the ingredients are now, that isn't the problem; I am physically incapable of making constant sharp turns with my mouse with out triggering wrist pain and numbness in my fingers.

    It's this simple...if you have a health condition brought about by excessive computer use...DON'T...USE...THE...COMPUTER. If you continually jump off a 10 foot cliff until you paralyze's no one's fault but your own.

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